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  1. Dont mean to be a cockey git, but i beat my personal best again!! 2 in 2 weeks! 18 1/2 lb from wyreside! I`m either getting better or more lucky! Chris
  2. why not scale down ur boilie size, use around a 15mm boilie and stick to your size 8 hook. Although if you read any of my earlier posts (infact there is a thread about hook size by myself omewhere) i had a lot of trouble losing fish on size 10 hooks. I know use size 8 and still lost a fish yesterday, BUT i did pull my personal best in with one as well so... Try a size 8 long shank with a line aligner , haired to a 15mm boilie... Not been fishing long, i might be talking crap! Good luck, keep us informed! Chris
  3. Carping-mad... the terain (sp?) cant surely be that bad that you cant use some sort of a trailer as shown above. Its a two wheel trailer and strapped up well should never tip up or lose items if you covered it. I think thats your best. Also i`m guessing its only the off roading for a maximum of 1 mile thats near the lodge that you are asuming is prohibiting your use of a trailer. Well if worse comes to worst, jump of at that point and use your bike and trailer as a ""wheel barrow" style thing to lug around ur equipment the last bumpy way. Ull get ur food, terminal tackle and even chai
  4. THE ORIGINAL BRILO SEAT BOX WITH POLE SEAT AND COVER. COMES WITH POLE WINDER SECTION WITH WINDERS INCLUDED. FITTED WITH OCTOPLUS LEGS WITH MUD FEET 2 FRONT DRAWS 1 CROSS DRAW 1x 1" TRAY SECTION 1x 1 1/2" ADDITIONAL TRAY SECTION FITTED TO BOX ( THIS WAS £40) ORIGINAL STRAP SUPPLIED £150 ono !!!!! Genuine Sale, got it a few months ago before i realised i wanted to persue carping, so no longer suits my needs. [ 12. April 2005, 01:04 AM: Message edited by: craynerd ]
  5. lol, GRRR i`m going fishin thursday/friday lol...whats with the weekend! can we not change it to week least i may have a chance then!
  6. Just got back from my day trip to Rhyll, weather was lovely, shopping was good and me and my girlfiend had a great time spending the prize money. Thanks a lot to anglersnet and a massive thanks to rabster for setting up the competition. Regards Chris PS when can i reclaim my prize money, kept all the reciepts as requested.
  7. ok good tip! was gonna take some active8 or maple8...dunno which yet.... Any preference for mainline baits as a general?
  8. that deadline sux! 8:30 am on Friday not classed as weekend!? Chris
  9. lol sorry carp_mad (ant) i went fishin lol! Chris
  10. Nice one How and good luck to you. Rabster, you blanked ? Ohh dear, well i will give you a few lessons if you wish, but i might be a bit to ££ for you now! My prices have just gone up with me catching the double. lol Unlucky mate, next time ey! Need my 20+ and my double figure mirror and leather to get the full set. Chris
  11. I`m nott 100% sure when i`m going. I know its this week, someone on another forum is going with me, or should i say i am tagging on with them. I think it may be friday. Anyways, thanks for the info. If i dont get any info from anyone else, regards to tips and baits...what baits would u take with you? Chris
  12. Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you could help me, i`m goin fishing at wireside next week, now i know there is two wyresides and the only way i can distinguish between them is one has more than one lakes on site and is more towards lancaster...that IS NOT the one i`m fishing. I`m fishing the one more south towards blackpool and garstang i think! I know it is just one lodge, wyreside, and has 15 pegs. Know the one i mean? fished there ? Any tips for my trip....baits, rigs, pegs or swims best to fish ? Any help appreciated Chris
  13. Cheers everyone, i am still buzzing now. What a difference, catching 4-7 lb carp from bradshaw fisheries, to catching that 15lb. My rod was bending like i never have seen it do before, and the power...sheshhhh , my arm was aching. Amazing fight and amzing fish! Glad you like the photo. Chris
  14. Hi guys, i`m just wondering in what situations u guys use the different methods of pva. I.e do you make little pva bags and hook um on, little mesh bags and hook them on, stringers, pva bags and hook the whole hook length through ? What methods do you use and why?
  15. cant get it to work, maybe someone can do it for me and pinch it off coarsefish. coarsefish.com , carp forums, carp forum, pilly in the snow (topic)
  16. Hi guys, just tell let you know i landed my first double today. It was 15 1/2lb caught from Pilly in Manchester. Thanks for your help all of you.! [imghttp://coarsefish.com/attachments/15lb(1).jpg[/img] edit notes: The pic couldn't have displayed with the missing ] after [img but also due to a limitation of the forum software, URL names with () in them don't work either. I renamed the picture so it would show. Nice fish. Newt [ 09. April 2005, 12:06 AM: Message edited by: Newt ]
  17. I have planned a trip out today, 24 hours up at a place called pilly. I was going to go at miday till tomorrow midday. However its snowed/sleated outside, is there any point...could i still catch ? Weather forcast predicted sun and showers and sun tomorrow! Is it worth still going ? Chris
  18. I think plastic bags should be banned! Its like tins of sweet corn, you see empty maggot bags everywhere!
  19. Just to let you know, i went for 24h at my local water last night. Used ESP size8 hooks and made contact with all 3 alarm runs. 2 were bream but the point is i still hooked them, and one was defo a carp which i played for 5 mins then got caught up in a snag and i did lose it but i dont blame the hook on that one, so yea...happyer with my size 8s now! Chris
  20. I`m sorry, maybe my last post was nonsense as i was only hypothersising. Maybe someone with more knowledge could answer. In my mind, although shelflife will last ages, and i`m unsure they even have a bb date, but surely after a while they will lose some of there origonal smell and flavor. Chris
  21. nice one buddy! I got my pb bream last night at 3.5lb, not huge i know, BUT its a target to beat! Chris
  22. Just wanted to add : The dip for the spicy shrimp and prawn is hurrendus! I got it on my fingers last night, when i lifted my hands to my face while eating a butty i nearly gagged! YUCK!! works a treat tho lol. Chris
  23. You would assume so. The concentration of smell can only last so long surely so you would presume that there smell would reduce when left open. Soak them in a dip, that`ll sort them out. Chris
  24. lol, well i`ve had a few on maggot but they were small, skimmers really. This is my first true bream. May be easy to catch but happy i caught, especially with it being my first ever night session.
  25. As most of you have noticed after only starting fishing full stop and asking many quesions on here a few months ago, i`ve moved over and starting carping. But it wasnt so long since i was talking about catching bigger coarse fish ect. Well here is my first fish i`m fairly proud of. Not massive i know by anyones standards but at 3 1/2 lb its definately my biggest bream so far. Caught on my first all nighter on my own at tottingtons Carcus lodge, Bury Angling Society water. [ 05. April 2005, 02:20 PM: Message edited by: craynerd ]
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