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  1. Hi there guys, it's been ages since ive been on here! but i have a question for anyone who might know... Does anyone have any experience of chub and pike this time of year on the Loddon around the Twyford area? looks perfect for chub so i'm sure they're there but i'm not sure whether its often fished for pike. Any knowledge would be appreciated Happy Christmas to you all and tight lines for the new year.
  2. a promising area for a decent fish or two then! brilliant thanks for the info I'll have to go for a long walk see where else I can find, itching have a go now!
  3. thanks for your reply, went for a walk the other day actually as I have a membership for intertype AS who have the rights to a stretch above Stanwell road. looks awesome and gives off all the right signals but I thought I'd ask as I have a knack for finding good looking yet barron pieces of river!
  4. Hi guys, jesus I haven't been on here in a while! anyway, I was wondering whether anyone has had any recent experience of barbel fishing on the colne brook around the horton/colnbrook area?
  5. Definitely seems to have some chub in there. I bet it fought well
  6. i sat at the gates of Aldermaston mill from about half 2 in the morning, waiting until 8am for the gates to open. as soon as the time came, the heavens opened up and i found that i'd forgotten my brolly! anywho, the fishing was a little slow and i didnt catch my barbel but my friend had one about 6 and a chub about five. i also had a pike that decided to attack my feeder on the way in!
  7. i see what you're saying, i didn't want to create any sort of argument (not that i have i hope). i understand telling people over the net about special places on a productive well known fishery/stretch of river is probably not the best idea, i was just referring to being the kind of angler who enjoys helping others and not the kind who is hostile upon meeting them on the bank, and as i'm sure you guys have, i have met my fair share of those in the past!
  8. that's not what fishing is about, for me anyway. people are always enthusiastic about helping youngsters etc but when it comes to having a good ol' chat about fish, fishing for those fish etc then they clam up as if sharing that info is against the law/the end of the world. i Know what you meant regarding the 'hard earned' principle of that sentence, but surely you must see where i'm coming from with this comment.
  9. i'll be down there pretty damn early! wanna bag me a big barbel this year!
  10. most of the fish in that lake have mouth damage, and ive seen some very severe cases from there. i had a holiday there a couple of weeks ago, and when i do go there to fish, i always take great care in playing fish and always carry bongela.
  11. ive had that, they dont half have a go at the net!
  12. ive just come back last saturday from a holiday there, and i had a wonderful time fishing in cabin 3, (the first cabin you see as you come into the gate, with two swims) i had plenty of double figure carp and very luckily i beat my pb twice! two 22's and a 23, couldnt ask for more. ive found that at the moment they seem to feed best after dark and in the margins. seems to be the best place and time for 'em. also i was using 14mm fusion boilies and 15mm source.
  13. its a deal always nice to hear about the local fishing sopts and what people have been catching, gives me a chance to catch some blxxdy fish!
  14. Blxxdy hell the first member of anglersnet ive met that lives in cookham! i live there, and try to get down to odney whenever i can, but focusing on the carp fishing at the moment as im going to have a while week of it next week! cant wait
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