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  1. rabster

    Photo Of The Day.

    Nice photo Den. I think it's a caterpillar of the Drinker Moth - Euthrix potatoria
  2. Funnily enough I showed it to the missus & she said the same thing. I see what you're saying, the coot just looks like it's in front of the frame the way I've done it, Doh. I've had a couple more goes.
  3. Many thanks for posting this excellent tutorial Steve The frames have certainly made some great images look even better, I love the pike & carp ones. My effort.
  4. My mousemat turned up yesterday. Like those above have already said, I'm very impressed with the quality, plus I'm made up that one of my photos has actually won a prize. Here it is being put to good use. Thanks very much to Patrick & Printbiz.
  5. rabster

    Photo Of The Day.

    Nice shots Cammy! Looks like your day was way more enjoyable than going to work. I think the only angle I've seen Sheffield from before is from driving on some elevated motorway through the place? Donkeys years ago though so I could be mistaken. As for Robin Hood, he got about a bit didn't he, theres a Robin Hood's cave/rock/wood etc everywhere you go, plus these days there are more & more of his merry men. Someone asked for Church photos, I walked past this one today alongside the canal bank, could've done with a bit of sunshine to light it up, but otherwise I thought what a nice location for a church, also, if you walk 100 yards down the bank t'other way there's a terrific view from under the canal bridge.
  6. Well done to all those who've entered. As Ollie & HB have mentioned there aren't so many entries this time, but there are some quality shots for n4lly to choose from. I was expecting a few fishing shots to be entered for this challenge. As for me, I had hoped to get a shot of the Tour of Britain bike race when stage 2 visited town - but as posted elsewhere I missed out due to work. Other than that I've just not come across any sports events & the recent crappy weather hasn't helped so I missed out. Must try harder to get a bridge shot.
  7. Well done on your new aquisition Phil. I'm sure you'll have many hours of fun. Looking forward to seeing some of your shots taken with it.
  8. Oh no, you've not ordered a Kodak have you, I hope it's not one of those Easyshare ones - & if it is I hope it's not the P880. OK, only kidding, I've never heard of it John - but it reviews OK HERE - Kodak P880 Hope it turns up sharpish & look forward to seeing your photos.
  9. Thanks for that Jaybee, I've never tried using Noise removal, so will definitely be giving this a try - Cheers.
  10. Blackpool hosted the start of the 2nd stage of this cycle race yesterday. I was pinning all my hopes of getting a few shots for the Sports photo challenge on it - but it finished up that work took me out of town & I missed it, which leaves me struggling to get anything for the comp. I can't give you any tips Den, but below is a link to the Tour of Britain websites' gallery, which may give you a few ideas. I have to say that the shots on there are fairly uninspiring & do little to give a sense of speed or the exertion the cyclists are putting into it - although the one with the girls on the podium is quite nice. Tour of Britain
  11. rabster


    All superb shots, but to me 3 & 4 really stand out. I can't stop having another look at No. 3 - I love the way the straight lines in the corn field draw your eye into the photo, outstanding . I'd be happy if I could take shots a 1/10th as good as those.
  12. Judy, I very much doubt that you have, or are capable of, offending anybody (& that is meant in the nicest possible way). I thought this line from the last paragraph of your previous post sums things up nicely. Well said Judy.
  13. rabster

    Photo Of The Day.

    Judy, what a fabulous old church, although the bell tower looks to be at a very precarious angle , I hope it doesn't get too windy around there. Dans church is very quaint, although it looks almost overgrown around it. I've just checked out your link Dan, 38ft x 15ft, , that is one small church.
  14. Just been to check it out, what a stonker! I bet your heart was in your mouth when you saw that at the net. I've never caught a barbel, one of my regrets from my fishing days.
  15. Lucky bugger. I rarely see them & when I do it's normally just a blue flash as they're flying away.
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