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  1. Cheers guys will get some for next trip.Regards Kevin.
  2. or an 03 plate ford Ka (as the saying goes you only get what you pay for) cheers Kevin.
  3. Hello Sportsman ihave a surf and must say it is a fantastic motor,but watch what you buy,the 2.4 version has a bad cylinder head(i had to replace mine)and fuel consumption is poor,but so are most 4x4s.Parts are not a problem and neither is insurance(£230 fully comp,Prestige motor insurance).Expect to pay £3500_£4000 for a K plate 2.4 surf.happy motoring.Regards Kevin.
  4. Afraid you will just have to wait until it arrives before you find out.I buy a lot from cabelas and a few other American outlets sometimes i get hit with duty and sometimes i dont.Lately i have asked for items to be posted as a gift(request when ordering)and touch wood no extras have been added.Good luck.Regards Kevin
  5. Has anyone used fireline when trolling,either flatlining or with downriggers,fancy giving it a try but not sure if the no stretch would be a good thing or not.Regards Kevin. [ 22. August 2005, 07:51 PM: Message edited by: ferox fisher ]
  6. Hello Dan English trout season closes 30th sep but there are some good grayling in the Dove,could give them a try.Regards Kevin.
  7. ferox fisher

    Good Fly!

    Exactly what i said Phil,a typical Scottish summers day,as long as the snow holds off and the ice melts on the loch i should still be going.One extra pair of socks and a wooly vest and i'm sorted.Cheers for now and tight lines to me.
  8. ferox fisher

    Good Fly!

    Fly looks pretty good Phil,char looks pretty good too,i bet it was tasty.By the way Phil the way you and your bruv's luck is going just now you could probably stick that fly on your downrigger and winkle out another 12 lb whopper.At the mo fishing is on for Sat so hope the weather holds,cheers for now Kev.
  9. Very good Phil nice to see you still have a sence of humour after your recent catastrophy. .
  10. Man walks in to the doctors with a strawberry growing out of his nose.He says to the doctor,anything you can give me for this doc.The doctor takes a close look and says yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll give you some cream.
  11. Lovely fish Phil,lucky buggers.Fished Lochy last week 3 days biggest was 2.5 lbs.Caught an eel trolling as well.Just back from holiday so have not done any posting for a few weeks.Heard you have bit the bullet dont know if congratulations or comiserations are the order of the day but good luck anyway.Well done you silly bugger .Didnt know that your wife fished but apparently she put an article in trout and salmon last week saying she had landed a whopper in the windermere area apparently it was an old trout All the best Phil speak to you soon.
  12. Cheers Phil -------------------- Did you know that fish did not smell till women started swimming in the sea.
  13. Cheers Fergie will purchase a couple before i go up.Going up for four days so i will have a chance to experiment.Will post to let you know how i get on. -------------------- Did you know that fish did not smell till women started swimming in the sea.
  14. Looking for info on some lures for ferox.Iam going to Lochy/Arkaig in July and fancy trying some lures but dont know which ones as i always fish with trout baits.Any info greatly appreciated.Regards Kevin. ------------------- Did you know that fish did not smell till women started swimming in the sea.
  15. Hello Fbn as Jim says keep us informed how you get on.Its been a long time since i fished it (about ten years)i had one of those perfect fishing days on the river just as it flows in to Inchlaggan Loch,it was late September and the char were coming in to the lower river,hundreds of them tailing and finning on the surface we had several char over 4lb in weight and a lot in the 3lb bracket about fifty fish in all.All were returned bar three for the pot.An angling writer whose name i cant bear to say was also fishing for the char but not with much luck had asked if he could take pictures of the
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