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  1. Well done Elton,,, Keep up the good work mate
  2. Hi, I'm trying to size down photos of myself for a photo driving licence and some of my parents for their bus pass. But after many attempts the finished photos are either too big or too small. The photo driving licence application requires a photo of 45mm x 35mm. Is there any way / calculation for working out the size of your end print? IE 150x 100 pixels? I can size down images , its just getting the end print to be the correct size, i could do with some help please !
  3. Thanks for the replies, it makes sence now Argyll that a Handling Charge could be added once VAT and Duty gets charged and not on lower value items. But the last time i ordered a couple of larger orders from BassPro was 2-3 years back. The packages turned up about a week apart, UPS i'm sure delivered them and i signed their electric pad thing and they handed the packages over. Great i thought, no charges, but a week or so later bills for the Vat and Duty turned up in the mail. No 'Handling Charges' though, maybe they have become the norm in the last year or two? Sounds like my small order
  4. I have a few separate small orders coming over from the States. All are well under the £18 value each package including shipping costs so should not get charged VAT or Import tax/duty as i believe it. Does anyone one have experience of 'Handling Charges' ,knowing whether these apply to larger packages only or is there a starting point for the value of the goods? I except the Vat & Duty when due but it will take the shine off things if i get hit for 'Handling' on each package as they come through, especially when i have already paid the shipping on them to my door. How long have these
  5. PC sorted last Friday and all up and running now. Zone Alarm downloaded on another PC as advised and installed before getting back online. The engineer turned up ready to replace the M/B and found that it was the connections between the PCI card modem and it's socket. Even though i had tried making sure it was pushed home tightly dust/grit had worked it's way in and broke some of the contacts even though in device magaer it said modem was working correctly. Took the guy all of 15 mins to sort it out and leave and he also gave me the service pack 2 on a ROM Disc, very nice man No embarras
  6. Thanks for those answers. i have since checked all the cards and RAM are not loose and still no joy. Phoned the cover plan people and they ask me to do a few checks on things over the phone. Seems they think somethings dead on the motherboard so they have aranged a home visit to replace the mother board Friday. Whether their engineer will come to the same conclusion is a different matter. Iv'e taken onboard about installing a fiewall before going back online thank you. If it turns out to be some thing on the motherboard then i will be glad they twisted my arm into taking the extended cove
  7. I don't know if this has been talked about before on here so sorry if it has. I take a PC into work and often connect to AOL via it's built in 56K dial up modem to check check personal e-mails etc when i get a chance. over the last few weeks i have have had problems with my PC freezing up when i try to get on line. I have to unplug the PC ( from mains) and restart it. Some days it works fine and i can get online, other days it freezes as above! As theres not much on that PC i formatted it with the restore disc that came with the PC and the first day it got on line fine, the next it's f
  8. Thanks for the replies and info, gratefully received and taken note of. If we had bought it locally we would of taken it back to the show room and loadly protested, probably on a busy Saturday afternoon in front of loads of prospective customers , but as it came by mail order and they were saying it wasn't a 'fault' we decided to keep the screen as it is for the following reasons: as the company was saying it wasn't a fault then if we got them to agree to exchange it then we would probably have to pay the P&P to send the first screen back and for another screen to be sent out to us?
  9. My son's just bought himself a new PC set up from an online store. Turned it on and there is what looks like 1x duff pixel about 1cm down from the top right of the screen that shows as a pink/red dot. Phoned the supplier at the first chance and they did seem to bat an eylid saying that unless it had 4+ duff pixels then it wasn't considered a 'Fault' and they wouldn't replace it. They said this was the general excepted 'policy' from all manafactuers of such screens and if i went to the citizen advice place i would be told the same! Sounds like this could be a common fault or are they just
  10. Thanks for the advise, i will turn them down low. Is there any applications that turning it up higher would be of use? Thanks again.
  11. Please realise i have only basic PC knowledge so go easy on me On one of the PC's i have access to it is on AOL dial-up and one of the AOL features is 'Computer Check-up' which is said to check your pC is set up correctly. I ran it and it advised that i turn down my 'Temporary Internet Files Folder's' " Amount of disc space used" down to 128mb as it is set at 32000 mb at the moment. Does that sound right? I would of thought the more space it used the better, or does too much data stored bog down and slow some things? Two other PC's i can use are on Broadband and one of the TI
  12. I agree with Peter re the 'Green' wire being good stuff. I have used it in 20 and 28/30? for lure traces and it does seem a bit less prone to kinking than the standard brown 7 strand. I twist my traces and with this 'Green' wire i melt the coating by holding a lighter flame 4-6" under the twist just long enough to fuse the coating. Instructions on back of pack i believe.
  13. Wow,and i thought i had a lot of stuff on mine
  14. I believe you can view nearly all there products without registering. Go to their home page then click on 'Online Shop' and that takes you to their main products menu. It's only the 'Half price bargains of the day ' that you can not access without logging in. [ 20. April 2004, 12:43 AM: Message edited by: Richard Harvey ]
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