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  1. Well done Chris, congratulations on the new PB. My first four from last season was 4.02 as well. Now you need to catch a 4.06 on the last day of the season! :-)
  2. A really nice day's fishing there Chris. I miss my Kennet days at Lower Denford. I also miss my winter fishing on the Test at Nursliing Mill. Both fisheries were lost to the corporate trout money makers :-(
  3. Excellent perching there Rusty. Great conditioned fish as well :-)
  4. Hi Rusty, hope your roach campaign has a happy conclusion mate :-)
  5. barbeldave

    5 January

    Nice blog, Chris. Makes me want to get out perching ;-)
  6. Smashing blog, Paul. That's my kind of fishing :-)
  7. Sorry Pete but very few (if any) grayling in the Ouse, especially around Bedford. Where do you live Old Tony?
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