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  1. ya, i finished my exams the other week too, went fishing for 1 night, 6 rods in the water between 3 of us and not even a nibble, and it rained
  2. Hi, ive recently started fishing again also from fishing about 2 years ago, now I have a half decent job I am trying to slowly build up my tackle surplus, as currently I have real budget stuff, I have just ordered an "okuma epix pro" reel as my friend has one and finds it quite good, and as for learning and increasing your fishing knowledge, I find this place an extreme help. Many people off here have helped me out alot and I have learnt alot more off this site.
  3. Sent you one photo of my 8lb pb carp, may not be the biggest carp photo you will recieve but there you go all the same.
  4. Wow, thanks for the large ammount of help and input you have given me in your posts (aswell as other people who have replied) I will bare all these in mind. Thanks
  5. Yeah, also I have put a load of dry bread in a food proccesor, so it is really small. Any idea what I could mix this with or can I just mix it with my normal groundbait? Thanks, Johneh
  6. That isnt sold in my local shop, so when I next go to a nearby town, with a fishing shop that sells that, ill try it, thanks.
  7. Thanks, just need to catch bigger now, shall probably be going fishing again this saturday and maybe night fishing, so ill tell you all how I get on.
  8. I caught my personal best carp of 8lb on saturday, so that was a good day for me
  9. Yeah, im going to stick with it, but I think I will have an experiement with groundbait. I am fishing for carp and at the moment I am using sensas groundbait with sweetcorn added, what do people think of this ground bait and what else would you reccommend?
  10. I used fake corn again for the second time out of 2 in this season, and I caught my current personal best of 8lb. The topic on this is displayed here
  11. I was using 2 fake sweet corn on that particular trip but i may use a mix of fake and real corn on the hook on my next outing. Thanks for all your replies.
  12. He he I wish, I can always dream....
  13. O right yes sorry, I had a shot 3/4 of the way down my hair rig, so about 1.5 inches of the bottom.
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