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  1. cheers, i have rt and okuma carp gear and its performed fine, i just didnt want to bank on a rod/reel combo going pop. If theyre as good in the fly world as they are in the carp world then i cant go far wrong. Cheers Chris
  2. Just wondering if the collective knowledge of AN know of any good deals regarding budget kits at the mo. Ive about 90 quid to spend on the rod and reel (the more freebies the better - spare spools etc) and have narrowed it down to some ron thompson/okuma gear via a mail order company. I dont flyfish that often so not really looking to break the bank, just something to carry me through a resi for stockies/brownies etc. WF7/8 and at least 9'6" cheers in advance chris
  3. when i fish the slider i use a windbeater, taking shot enough to bring the body of the float just under the surface, then another shot which allows the rest of the float to sink to the very tip (or even submerge) then adjust the depth so that just the very tip is showing. by over casting, submerging my line and then loosing off line i can get my positioning spot on with no walk whilst having my line below the surface combating any tow or drift. I think this is the key to slider fishing, not neccesarily the shotting or type of float, but line control. crack the line control problems and you
  4. From reading the wingham reports, and from my own experiences on the bank it seems that last Saturday was a real bum day for fishing (I know, im just trying to make excuses for my own inadequacies, but bear with me!) Did anyone bag up? I spent all morning literally watching tench swim at my feet, some of them were right clonkers but didn’t hook into a single one. Was it the wind? The cold night? The air pressure? Am I just a pants angler? Am I talking out of my ring as you happened to bag up big time? What do you think?
  5. There are millions of moulds available in every golf shop in every city! just cast a golf ball they've done all the work for you! i think the reason the golf balls are dimpled is that the drag produced behind a sperical object is less. if you have a teardrop lead then the areodynamics are probably superior to a perfect shere.
  6. have you seen the size of the catapult on the monday gallery page, its like a peice of seige equipment! personally i think its to resupply the guys on the island!
  7. Why not use trad fly tackle? as for fly choice, id probably go for something like a hopper or a daddy or something similar.
  8. Really! im hoping your going to say that this was from your usual haunt? were off there on sat am if your about. chris
  9. im with UKFT, luncheon meat in various punch sizes hair rigged.
  10. i usually aim to fish for all sorts, and fish one rod with a general bait (meat, corn) and one rod with my big stuff on (20mm boilies, big chunks of meat etc), i love bending my rods as often as poss so i dont really mind what size they are. especially as its the equivalent of me trying to get a watermelon in my gob!
  11. Ah, but bigger baits = no small fish (the 1lb mirror i had the other day on a size 6 mugga and a 20mm boilie is the exception!)
  12. IMHO, id say that bait size is not a big deal, bait choice may be hindering you mind. I find that i have better results when using boilies if i wrap them in a paste (stiff if overnight) and use a pva bag full of boilie crumb/boilie peices. the pva bag not only acts as an attractant, but also covers the hookbait with food, so the carp really cant tell if they are picking up a freeby or the h/bait. have you tried using 2 different baits on different rods? how deep/large is the venue? it may be due to them not actually finding it if its a large lake! it could also be a questio
  13. Just reading through some of the posts and i thought id add my 2p's worth. the other day i was fishing with some new coated leads (manufacturer unknown), when i hooked into and lost a fish, on reeling in my line i noticed that the hooklink had broke, and there was a suspicious looking shaving of the leads coating with sharp edges staring back at me from the lead! (the lake bottom isnt particularly rocky, more silt than anything) since then ive only gone for painted leads as i dont want this to happen again, the plasticoated leads may be coated only in plastic but it still had my braide
  14. Approx two days blimey, they must have some lead in their pencils! chris (2 minute man)
  15. 18lb Mirror. i am going to break 20 this year!!! [ 03. June 2005, 11:15 AM: Message edited by: Chris the Fish ]
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