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  1. i haven't posted on here for well over a week due to coments on my bass picture.and my last post i was told to ignore comments that were passed to me, by the moderator which i did after all i only took 2 home and was blasted for it by some so called anglers on here. yet i look at this fine bass in the post on here now and he is being blasted what the f**k is the matter with some people on here try and give a bloke some praise once they have caught something nice and not comments like he's been given on here this has made me realise i will not be posting on here anymore there has been alot of
  2. thanks sand tiger i have posted on sea fishing reports how we got on today with loads of bass have a look m8 cheers
  3. can you show me what part has to taken away ie file name cheers
  4. thanks that was taken this april in watchet somerset aboard my own boat a 16 ft predator 160 we towed it all the way from kent to somerset, a bit frightning bringing it aboard but i had to get a picture of it it weighed 351b thanks for putting my picture up the right way
  5. oops sorry about that back to the drawing board... edit note: You were close. Here it is without the spaces in the filename. They aren't a problem most places but the forum software can't handle them. Newt [ 27. July 2005, 06:12 AM: Message edited by: Newt ]
  6. sorry if this dont work 1st time i have tried to post a picture.
  7. i dont know where you live simon but ron edwards tackle shop sell live ones at 40 p each the shop is in herne bay kent
  8. ok i have got my bruce now just got to wait to try it i bought a 5kg 1 in the end off of ebay its a copy but what the heck i dont care it only cost me £25 plus £9 postage plus i now have 20 ft of 8mm chain before i only had 6ft why pay £157 for an original bruce thanks for all your help have my old fishermans anchor foe sale if any one wants to make me an offer even gave it a coat of red oxide
  9. there you go matt thats 3 of us allready would prefer a week day let me know cheers
  10. here are the item numbers 7170575701 7170577606 7170572932 7170572853 7170574133 7170576751 7170576440 7170580031
  11. hi matt what about arranging a the boat for a few anglers net members would be nice to meet up with a few members i for one would be interested cheers pete.
  12. you can still get upto 6 for free if you go on the o2 web site
  13. i saw one once when i fished deal pier in kent lol oops sorry
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