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  1. Hello all I have two kayaks for sale Prowler 13 angling edition Caper angling edition Both are as new, used once only, unmarked as supplied. I will sell them for £50 less than the lowest advertised price I also have a kayak trolley some 3 piece paddles and scotty rod holders phone for details Canvey Island Essex 01268 454929 07709 229729 YIS Gary
  2. danno1 is your man this time of the year as he fishes from his all year round failing that give me a shout next year when the sun is shining YIS Gary
  3. Hello Dbrennan PM me i may be able to help
  4. Just seen one of these on ebay- Panasonic Laptop GPS Chartplotter for Marine Use. Anyone know if they are they any good? what they are worth? are there any problems running them from a boat battery ,where the charging is by Alternator? Any other pitfalls/disadvantages compared to a conventional Plotter/chart combo? YIS Gary
  5. THANKS FOR THE REPLIES I was hoping someone might know of some for sale locally
  6. Suitable for rod/line fishing up to 10m, grp,diesel ,shaft driven, not too far away from Southend, Cash Waiting. pm to thebluemarlin@blueyonder.co.uk
  7. Thanks for the reply i have tracked them down www.canveyisland-sac.co.uk
  8. Anyone on here, Boatfish out of Canvey? I have lived there a few years and I have just moved my boat round from Bradwell If any other Boat owners want to meet up on, or off the water PM me. YIS Gary.
  10. I have decided to sell my Match Fishing Gear! I bought a boat a few years ago and have not had the time nor inclination to use it since and it should be being used and not sat in the loft. The majority of it is new, or as new, as i had just upgraded it all. Original Maver Moby Dick Match Carp Power Pole13 m.[you can buy extensions to 16m for this pole ] Complete with- Four, Genuine Maver, Power Top Two kits,adjustable Tensioners,elastic and stonfos. All pole sections have been treated with joint slip and have no wear. They are stored in clear protective tubes. Cost well over £1000, used about a dozen times in A1 Condition. Browning Drag-n-Net 6m Margin Power Carp pole, Two elasticated Power Top Two kits and stonfos all pole sections have been treated with joint slip and have no wear and are stored in clear protective tube. Drennan Team England 13" Match Carp Waggler, used for three Matches, A1 Condition. Drennan Team England 13"Match Carp Feeder/Method Feeder used for three Matches, A1 Condition. Map-Carptek/Garbolino- Dave Harrell, Power Bolo Rod. Telescopic Extends from 5-7.7.5m As New Unused. ASI Team England Seatbox 2x Hardwood Cross Drawers,2 x Hinged Trays, Insulated Base, Groundbait/tackle Tray, Attatched Foot Platform and Adjustable Legs. Used, Good Condition. Garbolino Power Balance 3.9m Super Strong Super Lightwight Carbon Fibre Landing Net Pole. New Unused. Top of the Range, As New, X Large, Leeda Umberella, with removeable Center Pole and an assortment of used Bank Sticks. All stored in a as new condition, Waterproof, Padded Leeda, Match Carp Rod Holdall. Keenets Micromesh, Match Carp Keepnet, ABU Lightwieght Landing Net. Waterproof Net Bag, an assortment of Rod and Pole rests a Middy Pole Roller all in Good Used Condition. Shimano GTM 4010 and spare spool, Diawa 3550 and spare spool, Diawa 125m and spare spool all in A1 Condition. All nessisary Terminal Tackle - Including Aprox 100 floats, 100's of hooks, spools of line/braid, feeders, shot, separate tackle box with over 50 quality pole float and all stuff needed to construct pole rigs, bait tray, bait boxes ect hook tyers,catapults,ect,ect I will be listing this lot on EBAY Tomorrow 2100 hrs with £1000 Reserve if someone wants to make me a sensible offer before the listing starts i can be contacted by pm or thebluemarlin@blueyonder.co.uk
  11. I have just finished reading an excellent book on Native Americans and the chapter on the Inuits has got me thinking demon Would anyone be interested in going seal hunting? The river crouch in Essex leads out onto some prime Seal territory - Buxey/Maplin Sands Has good launch facilities and offers shelter from strong winds. We could either do a catch and release or club /harpoon the bastads. perhaps Simon could do an article in BFM and YY could do a safety article on harpoons Any takers?
  12. SOUTHEND PIER. Park on the Seafront,Arrive about two and a half hours before HW.Paddle like xxxx for approx one mile almost due East and you will come to the end Mini shrimp lure/feather things for shineys, livebait for spikeys. Dont forget to keep an eye on the tide or you will have a smelly sticky walk back.
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