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  1. Take a look at this great little site, loads of info www.fishing-guernsey.co.uk
  2. Force of nature eh, often felt for those around the world that suffer terrible hurricanes and the like, they must be heroes, I didn't enjoy yestrday at all. Going to check my boat, hopefully still held on by 4 ropes and a chain!
  3. Taking a battering here to Andy. Sky dish has snapped off, I went on to roof to check, by eck it was 'breezy'. Then the timber I had stored on the flat roof on back of shop took a burton in to next doors garden, hope we get through the night! Boat has four ropes and a chain on it!
  4. We have 41mph to 55mph forecasted for here, wonder what the gusts will be like!
  5. We had plenty to eat Norrie but then the island is blessed that way. Hugh and Nick were surprised for a small island what food, not just fish, was actually available. As you say a nice guy, so was Nick, both had time for you and listened to what you had to say.
  6. It seems surprising but yes despite the ugly mug they did manage to doctor it to suit telly I wasn't there for the exposure neither, no way.........it was the fishing, food and beer.........in that order.
  7. Many of you will have Food, Fishing, Alderney all in common so watch Channel 4, 8pm on Thursday to see it all mingled together.
  8. Great night tonight, but still no fish on the board. My mate got another, a 3lb 8oz Sole. Think I'll be getting the sack. Caught loads of fish though and a few were so close but then I guess that is everyone story, cheers Gareth
  9. Site updated with reports www.alderneyangling.com/latestreports.htm
  10. No worries mate, they arrived yesterday, thanks.
  11. It is the penultimate day to the start of the annual Alderney Shore Fishing Festival. It looks like another good turn out with cars arriving on the quay mid week to get round problems with hiring vehicles, anglers have now started to fly in and already we are seeing cars bombing around the island with rod tips poking out the back, out the windows and out of sunroofs it is a sight to behold! It is a seven day extravaganza whereby if you are well in to it planning of weather and tides is of major importance as is sleep deprivation. However there are those, thankfully, who just enjoy being here
  12. I had a couple many moons ago, a secondhand one first, large cabin which wasn't ideal for me. Had one built to our own spec moulding wise and then fitted it out. I took it back within a month because the bearers came loose from the hull, they asked me if I was wave jumping and the obvious answer was yes, what else do you do in a fast craft? Anyway proved to them that the bearers didn't fit the hull properly and they built me another, good as gold. Nice friendly people and for the money a great fishing boat. Had three good years fishing in it before I sold it.
  13. You're probably asking in the wrong place for such a small port. Why not ask at your local tackle shop and go from there?
  14. Thought this might be of interest to some of you. I had two terrific guys on Sunday who wanted to be guided. Although the fishing was unproductive we did have a good time. The father is well in to his photography and took some brilliant pictures, this is the link to their weekend on Alderney but his site is also well worth a look as there are motor sports and other bits. http://www.keith-slater.org.uk/ssalderney07/ssalderney.html
  15. The only time I use the hatch is to slip or secure the mooring ropes. When we anchor the box containing the rope is in the cabin and we run the rope round the bulkhead to a cleet on the floor in the port/bulkhead corner. From there up and round the side heading to the front, it does this through a series of pulleys down the side, around the post and through the bow roller, then back down the side and attach it to a cleet on the outside. On the end of the rope we have a heavy duty quick release clip which we can then attach a block for when we drift fish or anchor and chain. This way we never l
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