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  1. I've not yet seen it for myself, but theres recently been a huge landslide at Charmouth.. Seatown is good and not too far from there.
  2. down on burton beach on a sunday, you can get a years membersip from the guy in the land rover to the nat trust for approx a third off.. did it last week considering all the parking charges mentioned above!
  3. So you did! doggies and pout all night long as usual.. hope to see you soon tho! T
  4. Wotcha Zig! Are you going to be on Hive tonight? Will be of down there myself in a couple of hours.. (7ish) Simon
  5. Tried out Hive -every cast bar a couple resulted in a doggie. plenty of those about thats for sure! Going to try Abbotsbury this afternoon - see what that brings.... Would certainly be up for a shot thurs.... -pm me with your plan if you're still keen! Cheers Simon
  6. just give us the nod when your next out Ziggy and i'd love to! dont start my new job til next mon so will be out as much as pos this week. Looking forward to it
  7. Just moved from London to Burton Bradstock.. unpacked and now ready to fish! high tide later this afternoon and loads of beaches to choose from! Anyone fancy it? Any suggestions? Much appreciated
  8. Cheers dan! Lets do just that! Doing the big move today , then i'm right there would definately like to hook up with you all on the beach as soon as possible.
  9. Thanks Fearthehands, If we're lucky enough to get (and help) this all get sorted, i'll see you along the beach somewhere soon! With every inch of our lines passing thru the surface of the oily water, i can imagine it to be a proper gear wrecker for the next few weeks..
  10. I'm moving house from London to Burton Bradstock tommoro, to start a new life and enjoy the fishing. I persueded my partner easily as its beautiful coastline and would be perfect for the dogs and our 1 year old son to grow up by. Pretty much the worst start i rekon
  11. Sorry, thats not me -I know of a Dave Brennan that writes House music.. Prob a long shot, but would that be you?? Anyway, Happy fishing all the same! Simon
  12. I just got back from a weeks fishing in Greece (Crete). I took a fox travel rod (4 piece). had to put it in the cargo hold, as it wouldnt fit in my hand luggage, but the protective tube it's supplied with coped perfectly well. As for the fishing...... 1 tiny (4"!) but very colourful little fish in a week of trying :-( best of sticking to just the Mythos imo!
  13. I live in London too (west). Its so frustating not to be able to fish as and when you fancy (and i have a car!) I usually head for Pompey, Brighton and when ive got the time, Chesil Would you be a Dave Brennan by the way? Simon
  14. Well i havent bought one for this rod yet, but I use a abu 6500 on my current rod (abu xodus). The new dilemma now is, do i just pick up another of those cause i know them, or do i try out a slosh / 7HT or a penn 525????? Spose that one's an age old debate!
  15. Ahhhhhhh. Just bought one! Cheers all
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