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  1. 3 x Daiwa Infinity-x BR5500 in immaculate condition, and come with the three spare spools, the reel bags and the original boxes (with the price labels still on them £184.99 each). They have just been loaded with Kryston 12Lb snyde, and two of the spare spools are loaded with 15LB bullet braid, the third just with some backing line. The pictures don't do these reels justice. I'm looking for £375.
  2. It was a hard week 2 x 19's, 1 x 20 & 1 x 30, but some good scenery
  3. He is my 2 penth worth, I have owned 3 bait boats in the last 5 years: 1. Angling Technics standard boat: This boat never let me down, was easy to steer, drop baits, and had good distance, the downs were on very windy day's it appeared pretty unstable, but always returned. On weedy waters it would frequently get stuck as the pump covers would simply get blocked. To drop particals you needed to use hopper droppers, which made the boat hard to retrieve due to towing them behind. I owned this for 2 years and sold it to a friend who is still using it 3 years later, I'd rate it 7 out of 1
  4. Hi chaps, Just thought I'd put a link to the bbc photo of the week as it's mine Link now removed
  5. It would depend what months of the year you will fish? If your not fishing the winter months a good fishmeal, Carp Company Icelandic Red, Premier - Matrix, Nutrbaits - Big Fish Mix, Eclipse LM360, Geoff Bowers Mlarky. All year round I'd choose a birdseed, Nutrabaits - Enervite Gold, Eclipse - Creamy Ball (not yet released but doing well) or one of Premiers Amino's
  6. Title: Dead but still standing Date Taken: 28/04/07 Camera Used: Nikon D70S ISO 200 Shutter Speed: Auto Aperture: Auto Title: All alone Date Taken: 28/04/07 Camera Used: Nikon D70S ISO 200 Shutter Speed: Auto Aperture: Auto
  7. Try here http://www.pondskaterbaitboats.co.uk/ {2008 Editor's Note: to view Pondskater Bait Boats for sale, please click here}
  8. I don't get it Spend over £50 get free either a reel worth £59 or a Fleece worth £45.99 Spend over £75 get a cap worth £9.99 Spend over £500 get a jacket worth £79.99
  9. What a difference, I set the camera to aperture priority, and set the white balance at direct sunlight, and the colours are pretty bang on Cheers John S
  10. Cheers John I'll give that a go
  11. I really must learn how to use my photo shop, to do some of these frames etc
  12. JK, Thats about right for the fish Any ideas why the colours would have come out wrong?
  13. I have my Nikon D70S set with all the standard settings, however, whilst a friend took a photo for me last week the colours are not correct, in fact the fish was a darker colour and my T shirt should be dark blue. My question to you experts is: are there any settings on my camera, which I should be changing to rectify/ stop a replication of this?
  14. Thanks again I'll be passing all this information on tomorrow
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