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  1. Morning; logged in but can only see a borrow it free for prime members, try a sample free or the usual pay option.
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys; I'm glad it's not a bleak as although It would put my species count up by another 1 to 26 from start of July it'd not score in the comp because the voucher isn't in the shot...the reason I was unsure was after seeing the entry of a mate further north who called a fish that looked similar to these a bleak...and I wasn't sure his were. At the time of capture these, and I get quite a lot (these are probably by the iron bridge at beccles) generally stand out as being pale dace/bream/roach (they vary) and are usually around 4-5 inches long and I think no more about
  3. Hi guys, never thought we had bleak in the Waveney but have had a few of these, all small, and assumed they were hybrids until seeing a photo just now of one...can you please confirm or deny? Thanks!
  4. Well fellas, I had to raise some money and, shy as I am I figured this would be a good way...enjoy and please feel free to donate by paypal at [email protected] if you get a laugh out of it...it's all going to Heroes on the Water UK to get injured service personnel out kayak fishing as part of the fund my 16 year old nephew is raising with his tandem skydive! He was still a way off so uncle mark decided to lose all his dignity...it was bloody cold, bloody windy, bloody choppy and bloody wet! I blanked too, I guess the worm just wasn't big enough...
  5. I came home and I slept. No alarms, I had some hours to catch up with first. I managed a couple and then started pottering; there was stuff to do around the house, there was tackle to sort out, an article to re-write and some emails to be done and with the wind blowing I was undecided on what to get up to as far as the kayak was concerned. Then it came to me, I still needed a bream for the competition and where better than that guaranteed, no-fail, dead-cert hotspot at Ellingham? So I tried calling and texting Paul to no avail. Good, no answer! No answer, no Jonah but its only polite and besid
  6. Oh yeah, no-one will admit it but pricey gear DOES make you a good angler. It's the confidence that does it although reliability plays a part too of course. For over twenty years I've exclusively used Shimano and Rapala, Powerpro for ten, in the sea Mustad for about the same...metalwork is dexter for wedges, abu for tobies; both outfish the copies. This year I changed. I decided to brazen things out with arrogance instead of confidence. By this I mean that I KNOW i'm good enough to do everything I do with anything, as well or maybe better. I've caught that many things on handlines an
  7. God post vagabond. Currently I'm wearing a Fladen baseball cap, it's got a larger peak than usual. I've been wearing it a few months exclusively; it's been there for 5 pb's and 2 new species...currently it is as luck as can be. Lucky really, I'm not sure which of my Humminbird hats is the lucky one now and kept using the wrong one...and my sensational one seems to have lost its mojo since washing last autumn. My cod headover thing really did the business this winter too, I had no cod without it. My mate and his friend used to have a bad luck spoon which the worst angler on the day ha
  8. What does it take to be good... Time (the more time spent the more learnt) Effort (Don't think, do) Luck (choose the right hat) ..... Then there are skill, knowledge and patience. These will lift you above those relying on the former three, most of the time, but these are more the specimen hunter's domain.
  9. Right, we got through on round 2 so now its just a case of accumulating pointspoints come from species, species come from fishing. See how the plan goes? Yep. Go fishing. Now Paul isnt in the tournament but Paul likes the concept of Go fishing so when that was the suggestion it was accepted as readily as a single red maggot on a size 18 to a hungry gudgeon. A river session today of course and Paul, a species and specimen angler had never had a stickleback. It had never occurred to him to bother you see. Well, tough. With the children dropped at school and Paul picked up we set off for the
  10. Tomorrow. Possibly twice. Last day of the comp. session on the sea yesterday, loads of smoothound and dogfish, a ray and some whiting but I had those already. We're currently in second place - if my team mates had been with me and caught the same we'd be streaking ahead but I have more time than one and am not married to the same person as the other.
  11. Ive been hammering the freshwater since the season opened to try and get enough points for the anglersafloat team species hunt at the detriment of everything else including sleep. Ive covered far more miles and fished new waters, caught two new specifically targeted species and two surprise personal bests but Im still being eluded by three that I could reasonably expect, namely ruffe. bream and eel. The two former ones shouldnt be a problem but could I find them? That was the question for today. That said, I also needed Wilmy to open his score and with a bust van he was stuck. So with 3 hours
  12. Far better fish to catch and far more likely to take a lure in the summer; more about too, especially jacks. They're fitter and more energetic, jump and run and pull far better than the bag of spuds they are in winter, all covered in leeches. I'd say pike are best fished in summer personally, they're in far better shape and health and will recover better. NB i'm talking river pike, even slow moving rivers. I don't fish lakes and rarely fish broads either anymore. BUT. To have them recover better it's important to return them in good shape. Don't dick about with light lines, there's no poi
  13. Ken - I do mostly piking when on the rivers, trolling and casting, plenty of them there but hd already got that one ticked off for the tournament on the last trip. John, good info, thanks! I normally get ruffe from beccles, will be there tomorrow. First I ever caught I thought was a baby carp. Funniest i ever saw was a mate cast a leger with the l;ine around his tip, it swubng down, hit the water then swung up, followed by a stunned ruffe! or snotty as they call them in beccles. I launch at the quay or down by the pool. thestickys came from the dyke that runs beneath the road 3/4 along ha
  14. With the freshwater season opening on fathers day the option of fishing it was limited to a chaotic padlding session with my and other familes so of course the fishing was reduced somewhat and the catches non-existent, having time only to troll with no bait fishing possible. It was a pleasant enough day though and not really an issue as I had the 17th off. A general invite went out and so, gathered by the slip at Beccles quay were five of us. John had travelled up from Kent to fish with us as he had a couple of times in the past on the opening day, Ian and Nick had come over from Norwich and m
  15. The first stickleback was a splendid fellow, with fabulous red and blue gills. Tom kept him in a small basin till the day of his death, and became a fisherman from that day. So wrote Thomas Hughes in Tom Brown at Rugby. That last line gets my point albeit in a roundabout way; only a fisherman, on rod and line, would catch a stickleback. Now, its taken me such a long time to find them and then, an hour later, I had one. To be honest I wasnt looking for them, I was looking for the decent silvers I spotted in the dyke twenty years back but those dont seem to be there. Well, it was a rec
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