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  1. I was fishing a farm pond near Louth over the weekend and caught a small Tench (<1lb) that was entirely black except for a cm strip of olive green along the belly. How common is it for Tench to be so dark green it looks black?
  2. I have a bib and brace I wish to try and re-waterproof. What advice would you on products/techniques to get the best result?
  3. UPDATE. These now have a new home The family is having a clear out and I have half a dozen lures (plugs and spoons I believe) plus some spare trebles to give away. If you want them ping me your address, and I'll post them.
  4. Yesterday the angler in the adjacent peg caught a 3/12lb Tench on 20 with a single red maggot. I was a bit peeved because earlier I'd caught a 2lb Tinca on a 16 and thought I was doing well. :-P T
  5. Thanks. I attempted to read the Bylaws on the EA site and was confused about what it meant by lures. It only seem to state no lead weight and incorporating a hook. I'll stick to walking the bank this trip. Tony
  6. Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that. Their website rather misleadingly has a picture of someone with a caught Salmon.
  7. I've booked a short break holiday near a stretch of the Ouse near Stillingfleet, York in mid April. Obviously this is the closed season for course fishing but I wondered if people could give me some guidance on the legalities of fishing for Salmon with lures. If I was to purchase a Game license for the week, do I have to buy specialist tackle or would I be permitted to used my short 9ft Carp rod and some jelly lures I have? Thanks Tony
  8. Doing some advanced planning for the fishing holidays I want to retire my old Nimbus suit and get something new. I like the look of the Retex Summer Bib 'n' Brace I was thinking of combining it with the poacher jacket, then I discovered a company called Protak you also get good recommendations. Anyone had any experience of their clothing or any other advice regarding purchasing Protak clothing and what their different ranges signify. Thanks Tony
  9. We stayed over Christmas and the new owners seem very nice. Previous visitors should note they've made some significant changes to the character of the place. They've removed or cut back a number of the trees along the bankside and on the islands. The whole of the rear of the fishery is being re-landscaped, it'll be interesting to see what progress they make over the coming year.
  10. Planning next years fishing holidays we noticed that one of our regular destinations - Tetford Country Cottages has new owners. Has anyone been since it changed hands ?
  11. I have british army gortex my only real issue with it is a distinct lack of pockets, the complete opposite of the Nimbus.
  12. Bump Any new suggestions as I want to get some new outer wear for winter. I currently have a Sundridge Nimbus which is nice and light I was thinking a reasonable light bib and brace that could be waorn over the sleepskin system would be ideal.
  13. I also got the White Knuckle a couple of years ago and still use it as a 'holiday' pole as it packs up reasonsable small. The new 8m White Knuckle Thriller appears to be a re-branding of their 'Wizard' pole and according to the IYCF review they did some silly corner cutting with the 12 elastic section putting in a sea swivel instead of a proper bung. I bought a Browning 9m pole and agree with Rob that buying a longer pole and fishing shorter feels lighter, the sections are also naturally longer so its easier to ship in and out and break down. Be careful because sections are lighter because
  14. I've since been and can give a quick review. The accomdation is superb, the best I've ever stayed in. Minimal furnature and large double galzed windows gives a lovely sense of space and light. The setting is lovely too - a small pond with two islands in decidous woodland, wild enough for you to feel you're in the countryside but kept enough so theres a plenty of space to sit out on and read that holiday novel. The welcome was wonderful too, Don who runs the place couldn't do enought for us. However, I have mixed feelings about the fishing. It's been stocked with Roach, Rudd, Ide, Tench, Chub
  15. Anyone fished Great Wood Lodge, Flaxton ? Holidaying there a month ?
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