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  1. I cant believe this thread, sure I am an OAP and I fish. Never consider the weather so long as the river is not in flood and even then I will sometimes give it a go. Sure I will moan about having to use a different and usually heavier float when the wind is blowing, but rain, snow, hail, sun, frost or fog, just don't matter when you're fishing. Adapt your methods to the quarry species and the prevailing conditions weather included. Sure we all have a few aches and pains so what if you can get to the waterside go for it. Think about the times when age and frailty are a real proble
  2. You could do a photograph comparison showing both the old and the current or newer versions of the old equipment especially where some i.e. old style keepnets are illegal these days.
  3. Here is a link to an article I wrote sometime ago which may give you some ideas the part you want is under Angling-Tales. It is copyright, although hopefully it could give some pointers. http://www.watatoad.com/
  4. Are you going to dress the part for a headline photograph? Getting old tackle could be a real problem.
  5. You ask what for me is the almost impossible question, for me at least, as my fishing tactics are decided at the riverbank and are dependent on so many factors, oh! Well here goes my effort, please just don’t forget this is just my personal opinion and based on my local Suffolk Stour or other rivers local to me. Perhaps consider it as an idea or a starting point and modify it to suit your fishing style, your local river and all the prevailing conditions. This is very hard as so much of what I do is based on so many things which I cannot know until I actually get to the riverbank. Fl
  6. Wishing all you river Roach fishermen and fisherwomen a great Roach season - just rmember Roach are not just for winter rivers...hehehe... Just need more determination in warmer heavier weeded times.
  7. Ouch that is not funny, you need to take care of any long term injury pretty carefully.
  8. Sorry to hear about your back and I hope it is better now. Perhaps you hurt it lugging all the gear and kit you take with you, best advice cut down on the weight of gear you take.
  9. watatoad


    WOW! So much stuff, more like a picnic come camping holiday, than a bit of fishing. You did not mention serviettes or napkins, nor the cook and butler. ...hehehe... Sooner you than me. Chairs and beds, let me guess a generator and electric blankets too. What with packing and unpacking and setting up did you actually have any time to fish? Did you in fact actually catch any fish?
  10. I never buy nor look at magazines unless someone sends me an article to read, I think that they are a total waste of time. Go down a few venues and see what others are using the look first to Ebay failing that your local cash converters and car boot sales, this time of the year newsagents advert boards. Next would come a search of the net and if you feel you need others opinions ask on a couple of forums.
  11. watatoad


    I sit and type in awe at the amount of stuff you are taking, have you got a boat or submarine, a few gallons of booze and the kitchen sink on the trailer as well? With that much gear and tackle you are going to spend more time packing and unpacking than you are fishing, do yourself a favour and lighten it up dramatically. Remember if its not fun why are you doing it?
  12. Is your hook set to the same depth as the Perch are feeding? I would use a 1.5lb monofilament hooklength. If all else fails switch to a bright gilt size 18 hook. I personally have never experienced Perch feeding and not taking the hookbait. So I am somewhat puzzled.
  13. I would try no weight except under the float and a size 8 weight or smaller about 8" (200mm) from the hook. Maybe switch to a smaller hook say a size 16 barbless. how about a small worm or say one third of a lob.
  14. Great photo's and rare ones to get hold of. Many thanks for sharing them.
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