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  1. Hi ! I have one of these on my yak and it works a treat ! No wires and i trail the yellow transducer behind me. luffers
  2. Hi Neil, I have not heard form you lately hope all has been ok ??? Just a bit early yet :-) there have been a few in the wets but the next couple of weeks should be interesting regards Luffers
  3. Hi SIMON, Eastbourne is at the other end of Sussex (the eastern end) , i`m sort of at the western end between Brighton and Portsmouth. REGARDS LUFFERS
  4. Hi Richi ! I am just done the coast a little way from you at BOGNOR REGIS ! CHEERS LUFFERS
  5. Hi All, The FPO and i had our first serious paddle today Sat 14 April. The sea was flat calm and we timed our launch to get the start of the flood tide, when we arrived there were load of sea-birds sitting about 10 yards off the beach and as soon as we had made a couple of strokes on the paddles the sea was alive with fry and bass ! We tried various ways to catch some but it was only about 12 inches deep, we paddled a little further and striaght away i got a garfish ! we continued to cast around but we must have broke them up as the birds by now had moved off ! We paddled out to the ro
  6. Hi Dave ! Thanks for that How are things ? i have been out of the water since October but now i am itching to get paddling again . Will you be making your way over for some fishing ? some evening smoothie fishing off Pagham ??? Regards Mark
  7. Hi seahunter ! That is just what i wanted !! thanks again Luffers
  8. Hi Chris ! Thanks for that ! i will give it a try and look at the Hook 1 site :-)) Mark
  9. HI All ! Having spent all the winter chasing Cod around the eastern solent in my warrior and finding only Conger and Rays my mind is starting to come back this seasons Yak fishing off my home town of Bognor Regis ! No winter kayaking for me I have to fit a fishfinder but where can i buy a swimming noodle with a cap simular to the one in the anglers afloat demo ?? I have all the other components Also i have been looking for a scotty rodholder like the one i have seen in the magazine articles with the vertical steel extension piece ? Is this a modification that has been done a
  10. Hi Seahunter ! I am mainly yaking out from Bognor and Chichester Harbour ! regards Luffers I would be up for a south coast meet ?
  11. Hi Paul ! What can i say, well done mate ! I must admit i did not think it possible and maybe a little dangerous, but "he how dares wins" rodders. Having been lucky enough to have caught one of davys pets from catchalot how you did this is even more incredible ! Again well done mate ! Luffers !
  12. Hi Gedi ! I live in Bognor Regis ! if you want to come over any time you are most welcome !! I mainly fish on my Yak in Chichester Harbour and off the rocks at Bognor although i have a Warrior 165 and slip from Hayling all the time . When fishing from Bognor mainly fish across low water !! regrads Luffers !
  13. Hi Neil ! Please dont tempt fate !! she already asked me if i get some bass flys she want one ! i may just give her some of my old trout flys ??? mind you knowing her luck se will bag a double on a size 14 buzzer
  14. Hi Simon, Thanks for the link! When i am at low water the depth i am in is about 3-4 feet and very rocky , so i decided to use a floating line to start with and see how it went but i may have to use a sink-tip ? . I have a whole wallet full of big trout flys but i am interested in your comment about the size of fly i should be using and i will try your suggestion and let you know how i get on !! What weight rod do you use ? Bit late for keeping it quite as there are nets and pots every where BUT alot is not netted so there is room for all !! regards Luffers
  15. Hi sm, Well i just decided to use my 7-8 wieght trout fishing set up with floating line and the biggest dead chicken in the box !! Were did you get your schminnows from ? From comments my fly even thou it had a small plastic sandeel tail is too small so i need to move up in size !! regards luffers
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