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Fluff Chucking the hard way.

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Well I have gone and done it Dragonbat has Chucked fluff all day.

All started this morning when my Fluffchucking mates called at 8-00am should have been 9-00am.

Right say’s the big one “lets get gone and on the road got to get at those salmon”. The little one just smiled and puffed on his pipe.

The shock of all this moleskin and fluff made me cringe but it was me that had arranged a day out Salmon Fishing in Southport. Yes folks Southport.

So out comes the box, holdall “Stinko” you know all the stuff you need to catch Salmon in Southport. Still thinking Southport are we.


Well after some debate the holdall was left behind but the Stinko stayed and of we go in the flash 4x4 brand new jobbie to Southport. Still thinking Southport are we.

Arrive at 9-30am greeted by Stewart and John. By this time we were getting very scared we were in scouse land with a brand new motor loads of gear and Stinko.

Now a man made river system in Southport with Salmon, Trout and Grayling has got to seen to be believed.

Yes with my own eyes there in all its glory was a River System. Stewart showed us around the place and as an engineer in the piping game this place is a marvel of engineering, high bits, low bit, waterfalls the works. Then to the stock tanks Atlantic salmon big buggers just waiting to be de-egged of something along those lines.


Now for the fishing, fly rod in had fluff on the end withdrawal symptoms set in!!! No maggots or 17ft carbonactive have I entered hell?? Yellow lines, pink lines, fluff all over the place.

Sinking line, shooting heads the whole day was going from bad to worse.

As for the little and big fluff chuckers just looked like they had come out of the Orbis shop, what a pair of woofters.

Me as per usual smart casual mad some effort wore green but had to have my famous deep red/pink boots on.


Of we go with the odd salmon jumping things looked good. Started fishing the firdt pool I came to and off we go orange line some sort of class leader thingy and fluffy thing on the hook.


I had been telling the boys I had never been Fluff chucking.

The Dragonbat strikes like a rampant Salmon. Out comes the ace card. First cast brown trout about 2 lb.

******** they all say never been fly fishing my arse.

Rapid response mode sets in last went 30 years ago but its just like riding a bike you may wobble a little when you get back on but its easy when you get the hang again.


After 3 hours of work 25 fish on the bank and a few lost fish. As for the salmon sorry to say I think I lost it well something stripped the line off the reel. **** where was my bait runner when needed.

Back to the lodge for a brew and scoff,f refreshed got the Carp Waggler out and went on a little pool by the office for some orfe had an hour on here then back to the Salmon failed again just more trout.

Big Fluff and Little fluff had about the same amount of fish Dragonbat the Master Fluff Chucker strikes again Big Fluff has fished for England and was given a lesson into the insights of Salmon Fishing in Southport, Still thinking Southport are we.


As to Salmon in Southport, Still thinking Southport are we, yes they do exist and the man made river is a masterpiece of engineering.

The place is called Mere Beck and is aimed at the corporate day out and is an angling school not day ticket water Corporate only. Heli pad open soon

So if any of you chaps want to treat your clients it may be well worth checking out Mere Beck

Will I be going again yes we have been invited back for the grayling at the back end of November


Thanks Stewart and John for the day out.

PS I have never felt so worn out? my arms and shoulder joints have stiffened up.


Posted Image


Fluffchuckers in scouse land


[ 04. October 2002, 11:56 PM: Message edited by: Dragonbat ]

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Nice troot m8!! hope ye enjoy it!!!if u want real broons try Loch Leven next year!!

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