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Pike Fishing Season

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Well I've never been catting before so would be a good fiish to try for until the rivers open up again.


Been doing my research and found a good water close by...just need to get some terminal tackle and some massive pellets (28mm). I'm hoping my 3lb TC pike rods will be man enough for the job!

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Posted on behalf of Bob. Please add all replies to this thread:


The pike fishing season was introduced by Salmon anglers who didn't want course anglers catching they're precious game fish!


The same pretentious Merchant bankers (W followed by a ship handbrake) also introduced the course fishing closed season, for the same reason.


The fact is that the pike season is only used by a few clubs/owners these days, Royal Leamington Spa AA of which I am a member being one of them. You may find that the waters in your area allow out of season fishing for pike. So keep chucking those lures baby!

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pike feed better in the winter months (along with most predatory species) as they have to build up earlier for the earlier spawning they undergo


I fish all year round for them, ok im lucky where i live ive the lakes only about an hour away and s good few hundred feeder ressies for the canal network nearby leeds liverpool etc


so with some thought over the waters i go on i can fish safely all year


lucky geography, if i was in the south id probably chase other things more in the summer


and yes they are heavier in winter and i stop as soon as swaning is starting and leave em for a month or so after but with the variation of waters i have there is usually somewhere that i can go in safety

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From experience I've found pike to be way more active in the warmer months....in the winter you almost have to land baits on their heads to get any takes!


By the time the rivers are open again the weed should all be back and the oike should have plentyof areas to lurk in.....can't wait to get out there with the lures

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