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ok ive just got new elastic and im gonna put it through my top 3,i also bought lubb spray want i want to know is do i spray the elastic or the inside of the pole and also how often? thx

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I always pull the elastic all the way out then spray it.Dont really know if you need to though.Some pull the laccy out,spray inside the bush then let the laccy retract.


I do mine once evbery half dozen or so trips.


Not entirely sure lubricant is really needed.Main reason laccy doesnt go back in smoothly is that the internal diameter of the bush is to small.Many just luricate by dunking the tip in the water!Suck it and see I suppose!

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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yes i agree with budgie not realy any need to lubricate as most elastic is coated and make sure your ptfe bush is large enough for the elastic.


the trouble with lub it clogs the inside of the pole up and will need cleaning out evry so often


i use hollo elastic and hydro and never needed to lub them


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Edd, just make sure you have plenty clearance between the bush and the elastic.

Many manufacturers give recommended sizes of bush to use with elastics but I find them pants!


I find it easiest to chop back your No1 section to comfortably accomodate the largest elstic you are going to use. That way, anything smaller will fit with room to spare.


Many say that too much room allows muck and grit to enter the tip section. I don't agree entirely. Frequently submerging the tip underwater then pulling the elastic in and out of the tip generally clears the gunk out from the inside.

I reckon grit that finds it's way into a close fitting tip section could cause more damage.

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