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  1. heres mine caught lastweek a 21lb 10oz common
  2. my alarms wake me no problem
  3. ohhhhh thats lovely. i,m off to get one to
  4. edd


    its the same on all forums. some people hold strong veiws on certain subjects. but theres a limit on how you should go about telling people. make your point but dont slag people off.
  5. edd


    the sti is a great bivvie not one bit of condensation and its simple to put up and rock solid
  6. i dont normally adjust the drag.i have it set how i want it 1st then if i hook a fish big enough to use the drag and i want less drag i,ll put my finger on the spool slowing the fish down.
  7. im gonna give it ago this weekend
  8. http://fishsim2.com/demo.htm heres the demo for fishsim 2
  9. i,ve been out twice this year 1 24 hour sess and a 48 hour sess. i blanked on the 24 hour but had 2 out on the 48 hour sess. 1 on pepperami on the method with vitalin and one on fusion boilie in a pva bag of pellets.
  10. the lake i fish most of the winter carp are caught from tight to the island
  11. im pretty new to carping and i,ve just got a baitboat and the only reason i,ve got it is where i fish alot of carp are caught up close to islands and theres just no way i could cast acurate enough to get there
  12. just done a quick google and found this http://www.smeatonslakes.co.uk/ sounds like the one your on about
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