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  1. A lot of the underwater video done at Wingham by Sharkbyte showed this "Drive by" feeding.
  2. Manor Farms got nice easy acsess as well as you can drive to swims (well could last time I was there) but some are quite steep for anyone not to secure on their feet. But that said plenty of others that are fine. anchor Meadow (next to it is also very good and on day ticket with a camping field next to it. I cant commit at moment due to the move etc but wouldn't need to book as such at either of these two so if I can (and bruvs out of hospital) will be there! Andrew knows this area (in fact the whole Harvington area) very well. Put some guys on some big barbell there over the years.
  3. ALL of these interest me! I just love something different! The biggest thing about the Fish Ins is they give you the chance to try all these new/different things EASILY. The venue, the tickets 9if needed) the "local knowledge" the whole works handed to you on a plate! Perfect for those who are just to busy/lazy to do all the research! This years possibly the busiest year I will ever have and my actual fishing has had to take a big step back so things like this will be possibly my only way of getting a break and then still only a possibility! Been many years since the idea of the fish ins w
  4. Yes I thought the home made tackle match was a great idea for some fun!
  5. Yes I agree it would be good to see a revival of the fish ins.
  6. Great stuff! cheered me up no end! No love lost between me and them Im afraid.
  7. Maybe its a flaw in my personality but NOTHING would pee me off more than seeing someone else publish MY work that I had sold/given to them to finish! Im with Dave publish what you have, mention the missing info and be damned! He's right all those who wouldn't contribute/let you have material will soon be coming out of the wood work once the books published and you can then do a "revised" edition! Limited market admittedly but I think important to those that will buy and MORE IMPORTANTLY a tribute/record to the effort and years you've put in researching. Give up now Chesters and it like the co
  8. Peter how old are you now? reason I ask was your name came up in conversation recently?
  9. I would imagine they are from the 80's Phone.
  10. I would have thought that as well Nick but they are 13 and 14' long respectively!
  11. A bit of an unusual one (for me!) her gents! Got two Normark double handled fly rods coming in. The codes are- CSF 1583 and CSF 1683 anyone know or know where I can find the AFTM rating? tried Googling the codes but no luck.
  12. A bit of an unusual one (for me!) her gents! Got two Normark double handled fly rods coming in. The codes are- CSF 1583 and CSF 1683 anyone know or know where I can find the AFTM rating? tried Googling the codes but no luck.
  13. As soon as we are in and settled you are all more than welcome to visit.... in fact I insist! Will always be a boat available for ANrs!
  14. Yes it seems people want to start a "Save Budgie" campaign! Its bloomin daft! Oh for those that don't know FB blocked my account the other morning (after god knows how many years!) Until I changed my name from Budgie Burgess to Steve Burgess. Major issue as over 70% of Bass-online's sales come through the various Facebook angling related sites! All about making people more "identifiable"....................its caused absolute chaos!!! simply as for over 40 years I've been known as Budgie and very few have a clue who "Steve Burgess" is! Ah well bless em and their automated system.......
  15. I can check on Tuesday for you mate but don't think it would be that much. Ian £8.75 + the P&P of £1.50 Im afraid!
  16. Sure do Rich and thanks Dave!
  17. Jeeze Im stupid at times! Just thinking I run Facebook groups with well over 61 thousand members! Chesters if you could let me know what models you need/need usable photos of it surely would be worth asking?
  18. It would be a great shame if that is the case.
  19. I love Catfish! think they are a great sporting species........... but as they are a non indigenous species and predator to boot they really need a LOT of thought before being stocked. All predator stocking needs to have the prey fish levels (and the impact on them) properly assessed but with catfish its even harder to get right. I say this as on some types of water they will have less of an impact than on others. For example on heavily fished carp waters the cats quite quickly switch from being out and out active predators to "scavangers" being quite happy to concentrate on carp baits rather
  20. Nice one! will be having to find new waters so all helps.
  21. Thanks Chesters, I told the guy asking me that I knew a man who would know all about it! Will pass this on to him. The book any closer?
  22. A good eel. You will have to send me details of the water mate as will be looking for some still water eel venues once we've moved. Doubt there's going to be much time this summer but will be hitting it big time next year!
  23. Great to see some good catchs. Even better to see there are eels left in the carp lake! Wonder why none at all showed last fish in? We had to move out of Andrews house this weekend (and a struggle it was to meet the deadline for completion!) so we couldn't even visit for a quick social let alone fish. First we've missed in many years feel really guilty we weren't even able to get down to help out the rest of the team prior either. Everything should be back to normal for next year and hope to catch up with you all then
  24. LOL they certainly do love a pod! I remember first seeing the Amiaud pods in a Pacific Peche store back in the early 90's. My carper mates loved them and when going backwards and forwards to the Ebro always had to stop of on the way back to UK to buy a couple for them! I just used to take the pee and called them "anti aircraft gun mounts" as that's what they reminded me of!
  25. Been contacted about this reel, not one I've seen before but seeing as its an Intrepid I thought Chesters or one of you lads might be able to give some information
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