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Import 'Handling Charges' ?

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Yup. Fairly new. BTW - just got the final email for that delivery above.


Shipment Activity        Location                               Date & Time



Delivered MIDDLETOWN OH 45044 08/23/05



Enroute CINCINNATI OH 45235 08/22/05



Enroute GREENSBORO NC 27495 08/20/05



Acceptance CONCORD NC 28027 08/19/05


eBay has been a nice boon to the USPS I think. Not sure if the UK has anything similar but via eBay you can order free shipping containers that the postal carrier will deliver. Only allowed if sending priority mail and the box is clearly marked that way but great to have a source for various sizes of free shipping/mailing boxes. http://ebaysupplies.usps.com/

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Thanks for the replies, it makes sence now Argyll that a Handling Charge could be added once VAT and Duty gets charged and not on lower value items.

But the last time i ordered a couple of larger orders from BassPro was 2-3 years back. The packages turned up about a week apart, UPS i'm sure delivered them and i signed their electric pad thing and they handed the packages over. Great i thought, no charges, but a week or so later bills for the Vat and Duty turned up in the mail.

No 'Handling Charges' though, maybe they have become the norm in the last year or two?

Sounds like my small orders will be exempt of all charges which is good news.

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