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  1. Thanks Baz, but the harbourmaster at Penton Hook is doing a daily check and bail out.
  2. Thanks for the kind wishes folks.After two complicated ops and ten days in ICU, countless tubes in and out, its almost an anti-climax to discover cancerous cells. Therapy starts on tuesday. Got too many future AN articles buzzing around in my head and a few new killer pike rigs to try out, to call it quits now. There are too many twenties still out there that havent seen a wicked size 4 VB double buried in a herring. Thanks Barry, Josie and Trevor for making the trips down from the wrong end of Essex and thanks to my occasionally maligned mate Charlie Bettell who stayed in touch and said all of the right words. Hope to see you all soon. Stay lucky. Gerry
  3. Cheers Tony, saves me a job. Count me in, should be mobile by then.
  4. Glad its up and running again. Thanks Elton/Si, great job. Good time to remind us all that AN doesnt run without a great deal of time and effort from Mr Murphy and co. That being the case, I hope many of you might make a small [or large ] donation to AN to show your appreciation. Details of how to do so are on the homepage.
  5. Sorry I havnt replied sooner but typing on this tiny keyboard is tiring and time consuming...just didnt feel up to it. Firstly I must thank all who phoned, sent cards, email,pms and other best wishes, it really makes a difference. Got a little choked up at one point. Now in my thirty fifth day here and still on fairly hefty doses of antibiotics in order to reduce the bowel inflammation which lingers on. At which point, they can operate. The biggest problem is that i have a secondary infection in my bladder...a fistula, which means my bladder is connected to my bowel. I can now pee and whistle at the same time. Thanks again for all of your best wishes, it meant a great deal and thanks to my friend Barry, my reading material has progressed from the AM which a well meaning nurse supplied, to a selection of books from Fred Taylor, Dick Walker and Maurice Griffiths.Just cant get enough of this stuff Thanks again everyone. Im already dreaming of Timsbury. Best regards Gerry
  6. thanks again all particularly judith who sent me messages of support these last weeks.ANs little star. Got your pm steve-thanks, talk to you when I feel better than this. I got out of hospital ten days ago, but collapsed on sunday with serious stomach pains, raging temperature and fluid deficiency-a friend drove me to Farnborough hospital. My bowel had split but i wasnt in good enough shape to operate on. Im now on liquid food and fluid directly into an artery-gives the bowel a chance to partially self heal. Would like to reply to all the messages but Im using keyboard about 2x6 and its bit of a chore. Would kill for a double Becks poured over crushed ice and lime juice Gerry
  7. ho.surgical ward 5 glenn until tomorrow.pop next door and say hello to dad in a few minutes. cancer scare,legs havn;t stopped shaking. CAT SCAN showed perforated bowel and other damage.started feeling bad few months back, thought id sort it with decent diet.that was a real neat idea. also fell foul of an ADMIN COCK UP from the KINGS COLLEGE end of the pier show. thanks for the kind words all, appreciated.hope someone else is around to show budgie how to catch barbel this weekend [lol] thanks all
  8. good luck all this weekend, sorry i cant make it. The bucket of pellets and superglue will just have to wait. typing on a crap keyboard on the back of a telephone handset.a homing pigeon would be faster. gerry princess royal university hospital farnborough kent
  9. They've been around for an aweful long time. I still have little bits and pieces of the original kit but I wouldnt rate them as being anything special. When you buy something like that you always end up paying for a lot of stuff that you'll never use. If I was only fishing for bass then they might be more of a good deal, but a lot of the lures are on the small side for pike. You could spend that much money far more effectively on individual lures and hooks. Some of the original kit like the hitch hiker coiled screws are produced independently now and I wouldnt be without them. The simplest and most secure way to hook up a small soft bait without it falling off. 20 years ago there was a uniqueness about the Banjo Lures, but the softbait market has now left them way behind. This is a hitch hiker attached to a homebrew Daiichi swimming jig. the lure is a swirl tail minnow.
  10. Come on Bill wake up, where do ya think? here
  11. Putting it back together is a bit like trying to stuff a 20lb rabbit into a small top hat. It is however a bargain and every time I look at those couple a hundred quid bivvies I do have a little smile to myself
  12. 'its really hard to get the knack from the instructions' Instructions? They gave you instructions?
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