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Leeda Assassin II 11m pole

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Can someone please explain to me the pole section setup on an assassin ii 11m pole.


I have just got hold of one of these 2nd hand, and it looks and feels great.


Been looking for spares and extras on fishingspares.co.uk, but the website is confusing me. How many sections should this pole have?....


I currently have a power top 2, a short section (i believe is number 4), then 3 more sections before the 11m butt section with all the decals on it.


If i want to make this a 12.5m pole, do i just need to buy one section?? Also, if i buy a Match top 3 kit, do i also need to buy a regulare number 4 section?



Someone please advise, this is sending me insane!


Thanks a bunch,



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"Short No4 sections" are exactly that ie just a shorter section than normal No 4! the diameters at each end will be exactly the same as a regular No4 section.They are basically used when landing fish that have the elastic out a bit!


I dont know if the Assassin has a dedicated extension to take it up to 12.5m but will check for you.If not send me the internal diameter of your present butt section and I will see if I have a suitable extension section.


Just looked on the site and I would imagine that the "No10" section is the extension you need to take the pole up to 12.5.Very pricey though at over £50! If I have a suitable one I would be able to do it for £20 +P&P

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And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Hi Budgie, thanks for the swift reply.


I've managed to get hold a gentleman that has made things a lot clearer for me...apparently the Assassin II poles number 4 section is shorter as standard but it is not a "short" number 4. I've got a number 9 which is the printed section butt at 11m, but I could use an extension to get to 12.5 if ever the need arose.


Are printed sections more rigid than others? I would love to have the printed extension section to 12.5 if anyone has one!


Looking to get hold also of a match three and a power 2 for this pole too!



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