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Method feeder fishing advice

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I am based in Scotland and wish to try this approach for Bream Carp and Tench. Have never actually seen the approach used can i ask some questions;

1- Is it suitable for all of these 3 species ?




2- Is a hair rigged bait best ?


I'd say so but not asolutely essential.


3- Should the hooklength be fixed to the feeder ?


Not always. I sometimes have my line runing freely through the feeder but I have a float stop further up the line to allow the fish to run a little before the bolt-effect takes place.


4- should i point the rod at the bait and use an alarm or do it sideways with a quiver ?


Either or. Depends on how 'on it' you are. I often fish quiver side-on with the clutch off and sit right beside my rod. I sometimes use the alarm anyway, in case I need to take my eyes off the job to make a cuppa.


5- what length of hooklength length should I start with ?


4 inches would be a good start I think. Going shorter if the takes are confident, longer if less so.


6- why does one of the feeders I bought have a bright red rubber band on it ?


If it's a closed feeder, it'll be powergum and it's just to keep the lid on tight whilst casting to prevent spillage. If it's more like a pole elastic and stretches quite a long way, then is more of shock absorber to prevent bouncing hooks off in fight.Any advice would be appreciated thanks Peter



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