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Waters Closed - Foot & Mouth

Guest Elton

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Guest Bruno Broughton

C'mon guys - get posting!


To all fellow syndicate members at The Berth - I talked to Rod just now (Alan is on nights)... and as of now we are SHUT. As you know, there are cows in the adjoining fields and it ain't worth the risk.


On a wider front: let's not forget to let the world know that the only people capable of banning angling are anglers themselves.

Chew on that CAA & PETA.






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Pimlico Farm (Country Cottages) Fisheries, Tusmore, Nr Brackley....Closed until further notice.


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Guest waterman1013

Following consultations with MAFF this morning, ALL Boxmoor and District Angling Society waters are closed until further notice.


All work parties are suspended and anglers should avoid visiting the waters. They will continue to be bailiffed.


Mike Heylin

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Guest Alan Pearce

I have just received a phone call from LAA (london Anglers Assn.) All there waters have been closed nationwide with the exception of the Grand Union canal (they thought this safe due to the towpath - missed the plot or what). Sudbury and District AA have closed most of their fisheries (Snake Pit still open) Colnes AS have also closed most of their fisheries. For further info on Sudbury and Colnes waters tel 01787 312118.

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Christchurch AC have a couple of restrictions on the Stour and Frome. Asking for 'common sense' elsewhere, especially on farmland......thats most of the Avon valley below Fordingbridge. A case of checking for the latest update me thinks.



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