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cold feet warmed up

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On Saturday i met up with Col and Mally for a spot of kayak fishing

The plan was head to North landing Flamborough for a go bouncing hokeyes and other shiny and coulurful stuff off the sea bed


Youtube Video ->Original Video


When we got there it was lumpy and very very cold

Mally and Col are brave souls but yhis is to much this cold

We opted to go South instead as the sun may help




It was a lot nicer on the South side of the head




It looks nice and sunny but it is god dam frezzing

It is best to keep dry when its cold but a launch here requires wet feet




We were armed with jigging stuff and here the water was a little coulered

we had a few unsucsessful drifts




The tide was running very fast so we dicieded to hook up to a crab bouy

The bouy seemed to take forever to get to

We were not equiped to bait fish so armed with a mackeral and hokeyes stared to fish for whiting and flat fish




we got a few of each and put a few back

2 other kayak anglers past us on the drift aproxx 20 miles an hour

I felt for them knowing what paddle back lay ahead




after about an hour a crab boat wanted to be at his bouy

my feet were cold now so it was good to get moving again

we went to some kelp beds to drift our macky over it in the hope of a hungry cod

2 shore anglers were doing the same




We were getting cold so we called it a day mid after noon


I got home and still had cold feet

i set about turning fish into tea




I filleted the whiting and flatty

put em in a dish added garlic salt , pepper butter and some lemon




This warmed my feet up nicley stood in front of the rayburn

i cooked it on 5 bits of wood heat for 15 mins

i took it out and poured the jucie away and gave it another 5 mins


Result warm feet and tea was lovley




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Great report Al,looking forward to getting up that way again myself ;)

Team Ocean Kayaks U.K.


Kayaks: Necky vector,Flame SPTW

previous Kayaks:Yellow Ocean Kayaks Caper,Flame Prowler 13,Sunrise Ocean Kayaks Prowler 15 Trident, Perception Dancer XT


assisted rescues---5

longest paddle:65 miles

top speed under sail 11.1mph


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Welcome to Anglers' Net jin1234i.

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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