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River fishing- How to fish it...

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I am entering a fishing competition in august on the river avon for the anglinng festival in evesham. I want to know how i would fish a reallly deep part. it could drop off to 18ft. i have a 13m pole feeder rods and a 12ft float rods. suggestions?

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Welcome to AN.


You've ask a really hard question. I'd fish it as often as I could between now and then - that's for sure. Maybe introduce the fish to your "secret" bait. I won't be of much help as I am in the US. Sounds like you have plenty of "stuff". What are your Jan. thoughts for an Aug. angling event?



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Guest 1lastcast

Jake it depends on what you set you stall out for, as the fish will probably be up in the water in August you might want to you use your pole for bleak, or for the Bream maggot feeder rig. Bear in mind Dave Harrell caught a 13lb ? Barbel there in 2012 at the festival, so might be worth a go for the last hour or so to target Barbel.

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Jake do you live near Evesham? If you do head on down there as often as you can when there are matches on (after June 16th as the venue can be very different in Winter) and watch what methods work. Don't be afraid to ask questions of those fishing, even in a match most anglers are happy to answer questions provided you are quiet, keep of the skyline walk gently without stamping about the place etc.

If you can't get there in person read match results and reports, you can pick up lots of information from them, but nothing beats seeing good match anglers in action.


Then when you know what works try and put in as much practice at those methods as you can.


Good luck!





what's it all about...?

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