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pike fishing tips

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I think find the quarry and there your pike will be. When i first started i was told to keep the rig as simple as simple it can be with basic running with bail arm open. I still stick mostly to that today then i started to bring live baits into it and float fishing etc. More members will be along to help i hope for you. There is no doubt a link here for you :)

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I think the most valuable tip you will ever find is how to handle pike. Its not something most new anglers should delve right in to first, it usually always ends in a lack of knowledge and a lot of heartache and frustration from other anglers.


Pike fishing fundamentals: http://www.pikeanglersclub.co.uk/pike-fishing-fundamentals/


Handling pike: http://www.pikeanglersclub.co.uk/handling-pike/ i would advise against the comment regarding the glove, that is my only criticism of the entire article.


Dealing with deep hooked pike: http://www.pikeanglersclub.co.uk/coping-with-deep-hooked-pike/


safe pike rigs: http://www.pikeanglersclub.co.uk/safe-pike-rigs/


Trace & Rig basics: http://www.pikeanglersclub.co.uk/trace-rig-basics/


Hope this helps :)

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The BEST tip I can give after over 40 years of fishing for pike - is simply to find and experienced,competent pike angler to show you the ropes.A lot easier on you and the pike than trying to go it alone.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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