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  1. Today is the anniversary of the death of my grandfather and whenever I watch this man he reminds me so much of him. he even looks like him and was a west ham supporter. He served in both world wars in the royal navy as a boy and as a man survived being sunk twice once by a mine and second by the bismark. I wonder what his thoughts would be today ....?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp8aTvVqE7I
  2. For god sake, America is bigger than one man. It is littered with dodgy presidents and yet here it is still here....Get over it!
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4090422/A-BBC-comedy-sketch-Real-Housewives-ISIS-showing-character-suicide-vest-sparks-fury-viewers-say-trivialises-plight-real-life-jihadi-brides.html#v-5677956566185691577
  4. This may have been put up before as it is an old clip but if not what a great new years find this would be. Some beautiful cars ...What a find.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2862095/Now-did-park-60-cars-Incredible-treasure-trove-rusting-classics-worth-12MILLION-languishing-French-farm-garage-50-years.html
  5. This reminds me of a guy who for real drinks in my local pub....
  6. This is another 'sad' death. like many of these 80's icons their deaths are in many ways their inability to cope with the pressures of fame. they are all hangovers from a life of drink/drugs which they seem to have failed to kick. The likes of Elton john who had those periods seem to have come through to the other side but like Jackson and Michael and Houston just never kick the habit......I liked him I thought he was a down to earth guy but then so was Amy Winehouse and many others and it seemed to be their downfall on failing to come to terms with being in the public eye constantly....RIP
  7. If i was sent a photo to my mobile can i tell by having it what date and time it was taken? Obviously the taker knows but is there a way of finding out as the receiver?
  8. Indeed. It takes us 35 minutes on the boat up the river to get to some good Perch and chub waters where you can't fish from the bank and the same back and we can't leave until 10 am and need to be back by 3pmand so that really leaves hardly any time to fish and it can be very irritating as it takes another hour or so to feed the swim. Damn cold on the way up and back too. Bring on the winter solstice!
  9. I am looking for recommendations for a good river boat rod. It will mainly be used for chub and roach and bream this winter. I have been using my Avon 1 3/4 TC which is a bit OTT for what I want. Anyone recommend a good coarse boat rod?
  10. Do you know somebody who is not quite on the button?
  11. It's a sad thing that Hendrix and Joplin decided to cut their lives shortly after....
  12. Was this the greatest ever festival in history? I remember my uncle going when I was in the states and disappearing all in all for about a year! Some great photo's here which show a completely different time in history and attitude although many say it only happened due to the Vietnam war.....you decide? http://www.pollhype.com/25-rare-photos-from-woodstock/10/
  13. Mr hamilton was a bit of a sore loser from what I saw on channel 4. He really does not need to be considering he is 3 times a champ....dissapointing
  14. Dave H


    Surely with Trump getting in the answer is there to see....Anything is possible
  15. And just think at one point years ago we all thought carp were incredibly hard to catch. that myth was soon busted 10 years later
  16. I think I would rather eat that myself!
  17. I have found aniseed hemp to work well especially for roach
  18. Is there a certain grade or size of hemp or is it a standard size?
  19. This bait has always fascinated me as many other baits such as fish baits and corn and meat I understand but what is it in hemp that many fish go wild for. It's great all year round to where corn or other baits go off. It was banned for many years by commercial fisheries for what they thought made the fish high causing stress and killing them? It seems more accepted now and many flavours are introduced that many anglers swear to catch more fish
  20. Paying one way to get in and out of wales has always troubled me?
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