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ADSL internet filters??


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Can someone tell me why I have to put a filter (?) into all my phone lines now that I have this "broadband" ADSL connection through Tiscali ?

I would ask Tiscali, but the phone is either engaged, told to call back later and all mail is ignored!

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As I understand it, (but I may be wrong of course) The broadband signal on the line creates interference on the normal phone line which prevents you hearing normal voice transmission. Don't know if thats correct or not as I have filters on all the phone sockets and do not experience any problems. of course it may just be a gimmick to sell us a few more bits of equipment :confused: :confused:

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Peter - it's the other way around. DSL was designed with phone systems in mind and structured to not cause problems. The DSL signal is much higher frequency than voice phone so normally the phones don't even 'see' it and are unaffected.


But .... phone equipment design predates DSL by quite a bit and even though it operates in much lower frequency ranges, it will cause problems for DSL equipment - even damage it at times.


Your choices are basically two

- install a 'splitter' where your phone drop enters the house and seperate DSL from voice at that point.

- install a line filter on each phone device (fax, phone, modem, etc.).


There are all sorts of variations to the basic A/B choices. For instance, you can get a DSL modem that has a splitter built in and will bounce all phone traffic away from your computer/router without you seeing any equipment but these are pretty expensive so not often used.


I gather from comments here and elsewhere that the norm in the UK is line filters on the phones. The norm in the US seems to be a splitter at point of entry for the dwelling.


The main difference in the two approaches is cost. Splitter has to have a tech do the install. Filters are DIY by the user.


People with home security systems that will dial the security company in an emergency complicate the DIY approach since it's hard to install the filter for them which may account for the splitters being the norm over here.

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Thanks for the info Newt.

No techie myself, so I wondered if they played a part in the cr*p service I have with tiscali.

With this type of service I still get a "dial up" pop up which usually takes several attempts to make a connection, message says " unable to make a connection".

Also if I leave it, for say 20 minutes, it's disconnected me.

Other times it works fine ( maybe 30% of the time ) and the speed is much better than my old true dial up with freeserve.

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