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  1. I'm only an occasional visitor to AN these days - but always took the time to read Gerry's contributions. A very sad loss indeed. Lyn sums the situation perfectly and I'm sure a tribute such as a bench would be fitting.
  2. Thanks Elton - much appreciated. What did you all think of the music? I prefer the slower ones - must be getting older!
  3. Hi Lyn, Thanks - that would be great. Eastleigh have lost the best grayling beat, but there are a few others that are worth a go. If you could let me know when the teach-ins are I'll make sure I attend. looks like a good club for pike fishing. Also the stretches of the Loddon look pretty impresive. ATB Darrell
  4. Well done to Farnham for the respect shown to Pike - an example for others. One question though - my club -Eastleigh and district have exchange books with Farnham and district, as quoted in my book, is this the same club? If so, how does it work if I were to do an exchange and wish to fish for pike?
  5. I'll be up either Saturday morning or Friday night - when do we need to confirm?
  6. Hi Seph - haven't been around much lately ( some time actually - not done much fishing either ) Are there any places left?
  7. See you all in the morning! Don't forget a tin of corn - Itchen grayling are suckers for it. For the chub - a BIG piece of flake. Also some nice fit Pike - all of which are over 10lb - well they are on my scales Anybody who hasn't been here before is in for a treat - although the weather is very cold it's a great place to fish.
  8. Its quite nasty down here at the moment - bitterly cold and rain come sleet. Likely to be a tough one
  9. Actually - all yoxer had done is learned the art of copy and paste.
  10. Thinking about joining one of these clubs this coming year, was wondering if there are any members within the AN posse ?? Maybe someone looking to share travelling etc. - I'm based in Southampton. Anybody have any views on the waters ?
  11. Souns like it could be the fabulous "Passion For angling" ? Starring Bob James and Chris Yates ?
  12. Not really, get the odd mail shot asking if I'm satisfied etc. Very occasionally I get a telephone call. Can't say it's been a problem.
  13. No - I just drop it around because it's close to work and theres nobody at home during office hours.
  14. Yes, I have an account - they offeredme one when I dropped a parcel off, not any cheaper but you get a pack with manifests, labels, etc. so it speeds it up. You can turn up and pay and go - a rod costs £13.63, next day service with insurance included.
  15. Have used Initial City Link several times in the past, due to Royal Mail length limits. Never had any issues, they're local and I drop the parcel off at the depot. One thing I've found useful for sending rods is to pack them in the cardboaed tube that carpets are rolled around - Just visit your local "Carpet right" shop and they'll be happy to give you as many as you want - just cut them to length.
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