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Meldon Reservoir, Okehampton

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I've got an opportunity to fish the reservoir during early August and I'd be grateful for a heads-up. I've never fished for brown trout before and fly, lure and bait methods are permitted.


I am tempted to fish worm and breadflake, from when I've read, but know nthing of suitable lure or fly patterns.


Any ideas gratefully received.



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Phone's way (not always but usually sucessful).


FREELINE (8 lb mono) - Live minnow hooked through the nose. Minnows hooked through the nose tend to swim down. Leave the bail open. When the line begins to run more quickly close the bail and set the hook.


Two of "tonnes" of lures I have. Both pretty good.


The first one is "killer" if there are crays in the reservoir.


Rebel Wee-Craw




Number 2:


Luhr-Jensen Hus Lure



OK a bonus suggestion for float fishing:


Berkley Gulp!Trout Worm



The Trout Worm suspends off the bottom when fitted with a light wire hook. A good choice for float rigs. The trout Gulp stuff is pretty good IMO.



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Cheers Phone.... This is one of the few permissible 'wild camping' places is the UK, and the idea is to catch our meals. There is a good head of brown trout, although I believe they're stockies rather than wildies.


The only lure fishing I've done is in Cambridge, with an occasional poster, with a regular poster and good mate, Adam 247 and one afternoon with Steve Burke and the late and much missed Gerry Castles, (aka Argyll). I lost a decent pike with Steve and Gerry, but that was as near as I got to a catch.


I've asked about crayfish, and it's unlikely they've invaded the reservoir, but I have seen several aerial maps of the place, and a few just shout 'fish'.


I'll keep you posted.



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