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Heyup Yanks,


I went to a very interesting presentation last Monday given by Martin James of BBC Radio Lancashire for Bradford City AA. During said presentation he mentioned that the state to buy fishing tackle in the U.S. was Oregon. Apparently they have to pay less taxes in that state than the rest of you chaps. Is this the case? and if so do you know of some good mail order stores that will ship lures etc. to this side of the pond?


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True - Oregon has no state sales tax.


False - you will save money ordering from there if you are elsewhere.


At this time, mail-order sales in the US have a strange loophole. If you live in a state other than the one the mail-order firm operates from, you pay no sales tax on items you order. None to the state of origin. None to your state of residence.


So, you might as well order from any US mail-order firm. Cabelas and Bass Pro do well with hunting/fishing/etc. items.


You will still have to pay the amounts the UK government wants though. VAT & Duty. Plus shipping. As a general rule, expect to pay about the same £ as the price in $ by the time you finish.

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Morning! Tinca61, I'm afraid Newt is right about the sales tax. The hunting and fishing in Oregon is not to be surpassed as I grew up there. I have some good stories too... :rolleyes: Might I add that there is a tax on cigarettes, alcohol, and petrol so if you were on for a party to go with your tackle you might be out some;) Here is a sporting company based in Oregon where you might find information on VAT and shipping and handling as we call it in the states.





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Thanks for that fellas, I thought it was too good to be true. I tried to buy a vice (vise) from a store in Canada who told me he would try to ship it tax free. This would have been a large saving for me had it come off but his supplier kept letting him down so I eventually gave up and bought it here in "rip off" Britain.


Looks like I'll have to persuade the wife that Oregon is the place to visit in the states....might be a tough call that though but she has agreed to a fishing holiday in Canada once junior #2 is old enough to leave with the Grandparents...so here's hoping.


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Hi Tinca61 - Try www.EL.com/to/oregon/ lots of links and information on Oregon. I think Newt's advice on buying from Cabellas or BassPro is best - they know how to ship. I never tried mail order from GI Joe's, so don't know how they perform.


A couple of things to keep in mind:


Canadian Provences and Western States are big, things are mostly spread out some, so travel time should be considered. Oregon itself is just shy of 100,000 square miles (a little less than half the size of France) with a population of around 3 million. Much of that population is in a roughly 40 mile wide by 80 mile long strip from Portland to Eugene. Our "Wild West" is on the East side of the state, the Pacific Coast reminds me some of Cape Cod and several other places, the Willamette Valley (that's kind of between the two and where most people live) can be very pleasant in a Mid West kind of way. There's probably a free info package available to you. :)


Oh yes, we have micro brews here. Might not be to your taste, but much mo betta then BudLite! :D

Dave in Oregon

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