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  1. Whats going on with Ebay buyers and sellers?? and the Feedback etiquette that used to be not too bad...I had closed my account about three years ago, but due to the amount of shi....great stuff I have accumulated, decided to open another account. I sold the said shi...great stuff, customers paid, and as per I used to do...., I left good positive feedback....I've also bought a lot of new Shi....great stuff, but barely 70% of the sellers have left me feedback... To my thinking, it smacks of them not being convinced in the shi....great stuff they sell...tho, always in the advert, its the greatest shi....great stuff on the planet... SO, from now on, on my messages to sellers, I'll be telling them, I will NOT be leaving feedback for them, till I have good feedback. Gawd, I feel better for that wee rant...Thanks guys...
  2. Chesters, Dont think so, not unless the carbon is red.... Corydoras...Who's that??
  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated...I opened it to gather the spends for my Portugese holiday this year...and just wondered about it.. BTW, Chesters, Guess what ?, just bought an Intrepid Seastreak!!!! It's started again mate....
  4. Hiya, I closed my Ebay acc about three years ago, but have now opened another... Can anyone tell me why and when they started the 10 items or £650 a month ( whichever comes first) rule??? Not that I'm going to be doing that amount, but just being nosy... Thanks guys...
  5. Hi Dave, yep mate, remember them well....great times, and remember the BBQ's you and Norma organised, Boar and pigeon....followed by strawberries in chocolate...we were spoilt... I'm not fishing so much nowadays, but, looking at another boat this spring, if all goes well.I went and got my FAC,and SGC, so, now it's mainly shooting....making my own sausages and burgers with the deer, pigeon and rabbits that I shoot.... Love to Norma...
  6. LOL...I'm STILL on yer FB friends list Barry...How's you mate?? Happy New Year... Plenty Commons about too, especially at Crinan... Glad the Speedmaster is serving you well...
  7. Hi Guys...Good to be back, but, I did notice a while ago, that AN was getting quieter....which is a real shame...it was def THE best angling forum on the net at one time... Anyway, I'm here now, so, great to hear from you... BTW, I'm having problems getting into the site, using what I know to be my username and password, each time I have to log in, the site makes me change my password.....any ideas!!!! BTW, Chesters, I bought an Intrepid SeaStreak reel at an auction last week....gawd knows why, but once i got the green stuff off it,opened the guts and cleaned it, it works perfectly well, might couple it to a wee spinning rod for Mackeral in the summer....
  8. LOL, BTW. It's ME thats just come back...I had no idea i had an alter ego....all sorted now chaps...
  9. Hi Norm, hope yer well mate.. Got a pair of those myself, LOVE them to bits...great for wearing with wellies...
  10. Fantastic pics Newt, love the colours and shades...the scenery is absolutely stunning mate.. Earlier this year, I was in the mountains east of San Diego, and only managed a lousy 4 1/2 thousand feet high..took a day or so to acclimatise to the lesser oxygen...
  11. LOL, Only took 5 years, but I have Chris...:)

  12. Hiya, Hope yer doing well...... Anyway....I asked the same question recently, and was told to use Clary Utilities...I did, and have'nt regretted it since.... http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/Problem-t2323482.html
  13. Hiya, Boat sold to a very nice guy who will use it as it was meant to be used...not sat in the driveway all the time...
  14. Hi CT, No problems at all with using Pro...just install and it does the rest mate.. It's so good, one IT chap I know, is using Glary to "clean" his way through all his works PC's...he loves it..
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