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TIF ' amount of disc space to use' ?

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Please realise i have only basic PC knowledge so go easy on me :D


On one of the PC's i have access to it is on AOL dial-up and one of the AOL features is 'Computer Check-up' which is said to check your pC is set up correctly.

I ran it and it advised that i turn down my 'Temporary Internet Files Folder's' " Amount of disc space used" down to 128mb as it is set at 32000 mb at the moment.

Does that sound right?


I would of thought the more space it used the better, or does too much data stored bog down and slow some things?


Two other PC's i can use are on Broadband and one of the TIF space used is set to abound 19000 mb and the other 11000 mb. :confused:


Does the type / size and spec etc of each PC relate to how much disc space can be used to store temp stuff , and or the type of internet connection ?


Is a lower amount better, should i set it to that 128mb and maybe also change the other two pC's down to that too?


Thanks :)

Use a Lure Instead !! ;)

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Richard, each page viewed whilst on the internet is stored as a file in the Temporary Internet Files folder. On subsequent visits to the internet, your PC will check here for previously stored versions of the pages you are currently viewing, and (dependent on the setting at the top of the same window where you specify the space to be allocated for the TIF folder) use these or not as the case may be.


The space allocated need only be around 100 MB, as this can store pretty old versions of pages. Also, if this folder is large and fairly full, it can make a virus scan take ages to run so it's useful to clear this folder out on a regular basis.


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