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Barbel on club books

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So with the river season coming I wanted to get out barbelling again (its been years). So I was wondering would anyone be willing to share a club that has water with a decent head of barbel (I don't mind if they are small!)


I'm based south of Oxford and willing to travel up to an hour or so away.


I guess, the Ouse, the Warwickshire Avon maybe the Severn or Wye could be options? Maybe some of the rivers north of London?


I have previosuly been a Thatcham member on the Kennet but I think thats the only club I can join without being an assoicate as I'm too far from Newbury?


Thoughts? PM would be fine if you don't want to share on the forum!



It;s a bit of a drive, but if you want to have a certain guarantee of a Barbel or two it has to be the Wye, Wye and Usk Foundation now manage most of the beats, and at a minimum of £20 a rod it's not cheap, Caradoc is my favourite beat above Ross, and that is now £40. However there is a good DT stretch below Ross that I fish and that is just £7 (it was £6) you will need some help in finding it so if interested let me know and I can help.



I would say the Lower Severn but it can be hard, however if 2014 is anything like 2012 then that would be a good venue, most of the fishing is controlled by Birmingham AA , Look for Severn Stoke, a lovely venue where I have had many doubles, but it needs to be up a few feet to fish well.


Bewdley would be a good bet on the middle Severn, BAA now have a good stretch there.


The WA is good, but again patchy, the middle bit would give you a better chance, look for Salford Priors, Marcliffe, Bidford, and Manor Farm, all on BAA.


So much, so little time!!

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May be too far for you but at £40 a year you just cannot be robbed :busted_cop:


Look on the right side of the link for waters



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