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  1. Chesters1 Where is the memory card located on the machine ?
  2. May be useful to some on sale 27th Aug http://www.lidl.co.uk/en/our-offers-2491.htm?action=showDetail&id=26222
  3. Toast bread put cheese on and pop in microwave job done no burnt bread
  4. This might help https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vehicle-tax-changes And you will not be able to sell a car with tax & test after October all cars are sold without tax the new keeper must tax it before driving it home
  5. If is that what you want to do, Why not put elastic through just the top section
  6. Pleased to see he put it back alive http://home.bt.com/news/oddnews/fisherman-catches-recordbreaking-whopper-11363921459109
  7. Yes fished it yesterday.No crayfish or Pike in there.Would not of thought Perch would do it, so either your line is naff or you were catching a snag maybe one of the submerged platforms.What peg were you fishing?. Just a question what was you using 10lb line for you are not one of them crap carp anglers are you.
  8. I am from Scunny Where were you fishing I might be able to help
  9. May be too far for you but at £40 a year you just cannot be robbed Look on the right side of the link for waters http://www.scunthorpepoliceangling.com
  10. Well that's unanimous then bye bye
  11. I am going to The Villa Fishery Carnforth in june can any one tell me where the tackle shops are round that area. ta
  12. You are right Scotland Yard said police are looking to trace a female athlete who has not been seen since finishing the event in 20th place. Mami Konneh Lahun, 24, from Sierra Leone, had been staying at an address in Greenwich since arriving in the UK on April 7. She is due to fly home later today but did not return to her temporary accommodation following the race. Mami has no known links to the UK and does not have a mobile phone.
  13. Same as above but rear drag great reel
  14. Any chance of up dating the front page with some new news ((Dragon Carp Direct's last ever road show sale - November 23rd, 2013 ))
  15. Don't know how far the salt has got up the Thurne but I am about a good 1/4 mile up from the old bridge at Potter heigham and not a sign of a bite in 1 1/2 days fishing just hope the rest of the week gets better
  16. posted by John Weddup There are a lot of quality roach throughout the broads but so many small ones it can make finding them harder. St Bennets is a hotspot with many 1lb plus fish being caught in matches. If I was to go after then now it would be wroxham or beyond Potter Heigham . Just where I am going today for a week on right bank looking up river the place is called Sunholme
  17. Spotted these on Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Outdoor-Fishing-Gear-Tackle-Metal-Safety-Fish-Scissors-type-Grip-Gripper-Grabber-/290984698673 Are they a new fangle thing for use on the bbq
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