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  1. Do people still pay for that ? AVG is fine, no traumas, and no cost..simples . You should try it.
  2. Avanti is sold through Red Dragon tackle dealers, mainly I believe, most of it is tat, and I mean tat, and having commercial carp as a logo will deem it worthless
  3. Sorry Ken I was meaning the pond, it's stuffed full of roach, but keep it to yourself.
  4. I have the same problem, so I take anti-h before I have to handle the things, happily I only have to use the little blighters in the river closed season. Make sure you use the non drowsy ant h as you will soon be nodding off
  5. It's was opposite Mythe Pool apparently, Uckinghall is further upstream, I fish them both, the Severn here is very deep so it is possible, to harbour such a fish. There have been reports of late of unseen monsters smashing up anglers, all along the Lower Severn!!! Uckinghall FWIW is a prolific venue, holding large roach shoals and just about everything else, including Grass Carp, I have had them up to 18lb, but they are now in the adjacent river Severn. That's the problem with these 'Kettle' ponds every so often they flood into the river, so any exotic species dumped by thoughtless folk wi
  6. I did ask Birmingham AA what their policy was on this, yet to have a reply. But at the moment there doesn't seem to`be any policy of not returning, they have also now taken Zander off the 'kill' list. All good publicity for them though. There have been many reports of anglers hooking into big catfish, I personally have had two episodes that could be attributed to cats, there also have been a few sightings.
  7. Talking of big fish vs tackle, how about a 94 lb Wells from the Severn 3am Monday last,on my local bit, on a 2.0t.c barbel rod 12lb line and a 18mm boilie attached to a 10 wide gape hook. Took the captor 70 minutes to land, but land it he did.
  8. I have a Dave Mason 10'6 river rod on a 1M6 blank, fabulous rod equally at home catching roach or barbel. Want do you want to use it for?
  9. Good angling clubs down this way are a fraction of that, I get a long stretch of the Arrow for £25 , a lot of the Teme for £35, and what's left the BAA, including the Wye, Severn Teme, Warks Avon, Lugg, and many more on the tab for £35. and a big Barbel lower Severn venue for £35....Total £130, that's great value. ... and I save by not buying the AM.
  10. Had a few Barbel off the Wye in a early evening session yesterday, river is low and clear, but the one that have spawned are hungry horses. But always aware that with the low oxygen levels correct handling them is of primary importance.
  11. I would just point out that the mussels are a necessary requirement in maintaining a healthy water quality. As pointed out by keepers of Koi carp, you keep water not Koi. The mindset of some anglers is extraordinary, they have a unique lake to fish, and yet they are intent on killing the goose...etc. If all else fails then propose a vote.
  12. Sounds like something I might not be trying soon, add to the fact that casting any distance would be impossible, a waggler (bottom end fixed) will cast like a (dart) a game played in Pubs (Bars) in this country.
  13. Why put Ben Fogle in? There is enough in Mat Hayes alone to present such a show, besides who's gonna put Ben's maggots on the hook?
  14. Never seen her in better trim, fished yesterday for a load of Barbel and must have counted at least 40 Salmon leaps..... river has a wonderful diversity of wildlife to observe, so not just about the fishing. Streamer weed is more than ever on the shallows, how lucky am I to have this River on my doorstep?
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