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Holiday in the U.S.

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I am shortly going on holiday for 3 weeks to the east coast of the U.S.,and I'm hoping to be able to take a few days out for fishing. Up till now I will be staying in Ny ,Niagra , and Washington D.C.

Any advice on venues , tackle req'd etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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You need some advice from the horses mouth. Like a US sea fishing forum. One of the best and one which caters for East Coast sea angling is www.flyfishsaltwaters.com, based in New England but covering down to the Florida Keys. Its predominently for saltwater flyfishing but it covers lure and bait too and some of the East Coast skippers regularly post. Time of the year like the UK is crucial. Beachfishing is not impossible but you need more than a few days to find any decent spots. If you insist on beachfishing then whilst in DC you might head down to Point Lookout, that's the only place I ever beach fished (for bluefish) Other than that I only boat fished. You can fish for stripers (striped bass) around Manhattan Island, even fish for Bluefin Tuna off Long Island at certain times of the year but the most productive (and pleasant) was the Chesapeake Bay (drive down from DC) Loads of small charter boats and a few inexpensive party boats. Don't leave the area without trying any of the local crab dishes. This is of course purely from a regular visitor's perspective and I wouldnt want to seem arrogant, so over to you Newt :D


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Think you might strike lucky! If you want carp, you are going to heaven.....


I fished right at Niagara Falls last year; didn't get any fish(only had 2 hours) but they are definitely there.


You say NY, if you are outside the city then I reckon you'd be near some fish. Washington...great fishing in the Tidal Basin, right in the city, also on the Potomac River. The American Carp Anglers Group have a fish-in in Washington in April(I think) and if you are there then you must go. Otherwise let me know when/where you're going and I could sort out a few contacts for you.



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Allow me to make two referrals to you:


First, check out the forums at GLAngler Magazine's Website. Ask that question there and you'll be bombarded with suggestions, because most of the anglers are Great Lakes fishermen and like to share info.


Second, if you want to catch a lot of lake-run German brown trout, contact Ernie Lantiegne of Fish Doctor Charters on Lake Ontario in New York state. Browns are his specialty, and he's good at it. His website is Fish Doctor Charters.


Good luck, and tight lines.

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