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update installed her vpn and it seems to running fine but calamity occurred the second day.

she has a samsung laptop and when i gave her a network cable i noticed it fitted into a very strange hole ,the laptop is so thin a full sized plug wouldnt have fitted so a silly flap opened you pushed the plug in and the flap held it in place ,sudden panic email came flap snapped (surprised it lasted one day!) cable needed no wifi until its set up by techs mid week.

is new laptop needed ,luckily in this day and age instant news is out there so i sent her a link to amazon china showing her a dongle that goes in the usb port ,phew !


on vpn it seems at home you are fine but roaming on android (any mobile device?) its pretty easy to "peek" at machines so perhaps everyone should get one (can playbooks be overlooked the machine itself is pretty secure but perhaps not the wifi signal itself) anyway my android machine has now got one does anyone know a blocked site so i can test it (grin)


as you have to pretty well let the widget have the freedom of your device i plumped for a free version of the second best recommended one i dont keep much details of purchases but ofcourse that google devil keeps your payment details somewhere i use the playbook for everything else


Just thought of a way of testing it (once its charged back up) if i go to bbc player dooda it should think i am in france and deny me access

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