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Hi, I'm looking to get 2 reels I am going to get, Whychwood Signature Fs Reel but I'm not sire which is the biggest Fs40 fs50 fs60 the Fs 40 costs £30 where the fs50 and fs60 costs £24.99

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the bigger the number the more line it holds and to a degree the better it casts and the faster it brings it back in

the on paper spool rotation rate maybe the same but in the case of bailarms a bigger flyer turning at 4 to 1 retrieves more line than a smaller one at 4 to 1

remember if your fishing a small pond the reel size is pretty unimportant casting 30 feet is 30 feet on any reel

on a big pond a small reel will have more friction on the line on a long cast as the spool empties more of line and the angle from stored line to spool lip is more acute

the pricing is strange though typically bigger costs more but i presume the smaller one is better tech wise?

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