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pike fishing canals

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That was the hardest evidence I could find that even suggests pike produce saliva, never mind anti-coagulants. I'm going with the complete lack of evidence on this one. A case isnt proven without evidence. Hear-say simply isn't good enough. Not guilty....case dismissed....lol



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"I envy not him that eats better meat than I do, nor him that is richer, or that wears better clothes than I do. I envy nobody but him, and him only, that catches more fish than I do"

...Izaac Walton...


"It looked a really nice swim betwixt weedbed and bank"


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i have fished sankey canal many times for pike,i find the best results come if you walk along the bank and keep casting lures across and retrieving, its possible to get about 6 or 7 pike depends on how far you walk.most are jacks with the occasional double but this method is far more productive than sitting on one peg. try the section between arpley meadows tip and fiddlers ferry power station

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