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Kids starter rod/reel wanted

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why not try something a little more upmarket that will give him confidence and hell want to use more fox warrior etc teamed with a chepish baitrunner I would avoid the real bargain rods I made that mistake when I got My GF lad rods/reels he found what I thought was workable far to cumbersome. Another route to try is a shorter rod 9/10ft stalking type and you can get one you like for the times he doesnt want to go lol


My dad hasn't been fishing for some time and bought a cheap rod and reel. The first decent fish he caught the gearing on the reel made it almost impossible to reel in. So be careful you don't end up with something unuseable. Decathlon do a fairly cheap range of rod and reels as kits from around £35. I suppose it depends what you want to spend. As stated before a local tackle dealer can be an invaluable source of information and they can often find you something that will suit both your pocket and experience.

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Hiya mattthefish. When you press the 'report' button, all that happens is that you send email to the mods. You need to click the 'reply' button or the 'fast reply' button to leave a response on the topic.

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I've just started taking my 9yr old son Carp fishing & he really enjoy's it so am asking if anyone has or knows of anyone or anywhere i can get a cheap Carp rod & reel? Thanks


I would suggest you start him with a 10ft rod as I found with my son a 12ft was too long for him to handle and he still handles a 10/11 ft better than a 12ft. Liam is 12 this year. I have still to take him carp fishing as I am a strong believer of him learning the basics first.


He carp fishes with his father but I ensure he still enjoys a day out with his float rod or pole. They really need to be catching a lot to keep their attention and so that they enjoy thier fishing rather than find it boring.


Good luck



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True taking them carp fishing only is a recipe sure to bring another carp angler into the world who couldnt shot a waggler or fish anything other than 3oz of lead.

One of the funniest moments Ive had with my gf son eas lure fishing when he got a follow of a small pike circa 8lb and it scared him so much he dragged the lure out of the water so fast and disapeared up the bank faster than i could turn round and ask what happened lol

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