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Kids starter rod/reel wanted

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I've just started taking my 9yr old son Carp fishing & he really enjoy's it so am asking if anyone has or knows of anyone or anywhere i can get a cheap Carp rod & reel? Thanks

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OH LES!!!! And what sort of back up is there?? Suggest you go to the local tackle shop friend!!! ARGOS will not sell you BAIT or give ANY advice!! Besides which they are NOT at all suitable for a 9 years old lad! These are HEAVY glass rods and unless he is Mike Tyson they will be too big.


Whereabouts are you situated??

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Chris Goddard

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I agree with Chris, go down to your local tackle shop and ask them for advice. Most shops have a good second-hand section, just select 3 or 4 reels that your lad feels comfortable with, then start looking at the rods and select the rod/reel that feel best together. You should be able to get him kitted out with the basics (including landing net and unhooking mat) for less than £100....


Btw, I'll move this over to the coarse fishing forum as it isn't really 'for sale/wanted', it's more 'advice please' ;)

John S

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If you go to this page, you'll see that TackleBargains sell umpteen starter kits.


At the bottom of the page are the TFG Matt Hayes ones, which are popular.

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OH LES!!!! And what sort of back up is there?? Suggest you go to the local tackle shop friend!!! ARGOS will not sell you BAIT or give ANY advice!!


Still worth shopping around though. Ebay and ordering from online stores can save you £££ on big ticket items.


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why not try something a little more upmarket that will give him confidence and hell want to use more fox warrior etc teamed with a chepish baitrunner I would avoid the real bargain rods I made that mistake when I got My GF lad rods/reels he found what I thought was workable far to cumbersome. Another route to try is a shorter rod 9/10ft stalking type and you can get one you like for the times he doesnt want to go lol

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