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sizing down j-pegs for passport etc

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I'm trying to size down photos of myself for a photo driving licence and some of my parents for their bus pass.

But after many attempts the finished photos are either too big or too small.

The photo driving licence application requires a photo of 45mm x 35mm.


Is there any way / calculation for working out the size of your end print? IE 150x 100 pixels?

I can size down images , its just getting the end print to be the correct size, i could do with some help please ! :thumbs:

Use a Lure Instead !! ;)

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Hi Richard


The easiest way I know of is to use these folks:




You'll need to sign up, but you can upload your existing jpeg's, crop them as you wish and then they print and post the photos to you - and they cost 99p which gets you a set of 8 passport photos.


Very very quick and very very easy :D





what's it all about...?

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