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Lake Sevan - Armenia

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Hi all,


I'm going to Armenia in August at the height of the summer and I aim to do a spot of fishing in the worlds largest alpine lake - Lake Sevan.


It is 2,000 meters above sea level but I'm still going to take my rods!


I have no idea what fish might be found there but I know it is popular with fishermen locally.


Can anyone recommend a way of tackling such a large water reasonably effectively? I'm thinking lures as it's certain to contain something large I'm sure. Water temperature even at that altitude is about 19-22C in summer so what kind of species might lurk there?


I don't suppose anyone here has ever fished it though have they or knows someone who has?


Help! hehe

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It seems the main species are unique forms of trout, carp, barbel and some others which I cannot translate.


Im thinking a worm bait might work.


I've also found details on another smaller mountain lake. Now that would be something as none of these places are ever fished by anglers with a rod and line.


Apparently crayfish are in abundance too so Im thinking a small trap just for food purposes. It's legal there, unlike here.


Imagine, 1300sq km of lake never fished. heh

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Try a search on Google for "Lake Sevan" and/or "Fishing Armenia".


I came up with this - showing a picture of the lake, and mentioning fisherman (commercial) - so at least there is reassurance that some sort of fish are there .




Good luck, and let us all know how you got on.



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