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Capello England Manager

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I'm not English ... but It would of been nice to get an English Manager for England from an English point of view I'd say... but been realistic, I personally dont think there are any English managers of such as high profile to take up the position (Harry Rednap - possibly the only real contender). Just look at how many English managers have won the English Premiership since it started!!!!! ... so it looks like it was down to either a lower profile English manager without a good record in winning trophies (ie as McClaren was), or a proven high profile forgien manager whom has had success at numerous levels.


If Capello can be his own man (him pick the team... and not the papers or powers that be) ... then maybe he can get England back on track.


Been a full blooded Scot ... of course I hope he fails :) .... but England have superb players, they just seem to need someone that can motivate those multi-millionaire playboys to play for the jersey... instead of lacklustre displays, and get them to play together as a team.


Just remembeing Capello's AC Milan days ... he had a team that at times seemed unbeatable!


I do wonder though ... why Mourinho said he was interested? ... talked to FA in depth .... then declared the job is not for him ... is this an indication that the England managers positition is one where outside influences have a big in the England team setup.



tha fis agam a bhe iasg nuth dunidh sasain!



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Can't be much wrong with an economy that can afford to pay that much to someone managing a game.


Does it put him in the same league as Noel Edmunds?


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