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Hi there Woz


I have just joined Tonbridge Angling Club, fished the ballast first time Sunday, few small roach and 1 bream about 3lb, guy in next swim had a couple of bream around 5lb mark plenty of fish showing. hope this has been of some use



Hi Gaz,


I also have recently joined Tonbridge Angling Club. I have booked a day off work on the 16th and intend to fish the stretch at Hartlake Bridge. If the weather is rubbish I will try Ballast - any tips?





I just love the River Medway!

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I should be off down Ensfield Bridge on Monday, need to give my manager a kick tomorrow so hopefully he will agree the time off.


The rumours about fish being moved from the ballast pit started when it was up for sale (or at least rumoured to be for sale), last I heard TAFPS are meant to be buying it.

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